April 26, 2022


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CDU Bundestag Group Chairman Bernhard Simon: ‘Joint fire station has been a success for Wuppertal and Solingen’ the common fire control centre of the cities of Solingen and Wuppertal is a success. On March 13, 2007 was set up at the start. A first report with numbers for the year 2007 – so the first nine and a half months – is now. Sets out how the city of Wuppertal, a press release could be saved both for the investment, operating and personnel costs. For more information see GNYCUC. The citizens of the Berg city triangle are very self-confident and kheeri. You want to act like independently.

However, they also know that they together can save you bundles tasks. In this case the cities of Solingen and Wuppertal have teamed up to launch a meaningful project. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD brings even more insight to the discussion. The course of Mayor Peter Jung confirmed first rather carefully to appreciate the possible savings. I agree with city manager Dr. Slawig, that the savings of over 100,000 euro for the Operating and personnel costs alone in the first few months, that the establishment of the joint fire control center in Wuppertal-Solingen was a good choice and is “showing so the comment of Wuppertal CDU Group Chairman Bernhard Simon. The CDU faction has used from the outset for this joint project. Jonathan Friedland addresses the importance of the matter here. The city of Wuppertal proves here on a single example, that their savings will is genuine.”