San Jorge City

January 20, 2023


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Lisbon is one of Europe’s most picturesque tourist destinations. It is always an excellent idea to leverage any of the flight and hotel offerings to learn this traditional and engaging city that is showing signs of an innovative spirit, with the aim of entering the 21st century. There are a huge number of places to see and know the Lisbon, city that is offered to the visitor to be traveled and discovered. Culture and the preservation of the Portuguese cultural identity are part of the Lisbon idiosyncrasy. Even more ancient than Rome City, is the epicenter of a constant cultural exchange with America, Africa and the Middle East. One of the salient features of its cultural offer is that youth are its main protagonists, having developed the habit of consuming an erudite and traditional culture while young and popular.

The Tagus river crosses the geography of the Lisbon dividing the city into two parts, connected by two bridges: the Vasco Da Gama bridge, built in the year 1998, and the bridge 25 April, erected in 1966. The port of Lisbon is one of the most active in Portugal, annually receiving large number of passengers through the many transatlantic luxury here calling. Explore Lisbon is very simple, thanks to the developed network of urban transport is located here. There is no point in the city which we found to be connected with another through the extensive urban rail network, or any of the five lines of trams. Despite the existence of bridges, still subsists in the city an important network of inland waterways by the Tagus River. The city is connected to the world by several highways.

Lisbon hosts lots of monuments and historic sites to visit, such as the castle of San Jorge, located on the promontory of the center of the city. In the year 1755 the city was hit by a catastrophic earthquake that caused the death of about 100,000 people. But, for even greater destruction, the city was hit by a tsunami, which followed a devastating fire that lasted for approximately five days. This meant the almost total loss of the City, covering the destruction of approximately 85% of its buildings. As a reminder of the devastation are still preserved the ruins of the Convento do Carmo, which can be visited by tourists. A brief flight will take visitors from Madrid to Lisbon, and taking advantage of the offers of flight + hotel may have to spend a beautiful vacation in a city that hosts large amount of treasures to be discovered.