Salzburg Festival

May 7, 2017


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The rare and expensive argan oil is used HPR/30.07.08 – since over 15 years in Freilassing near Salzburg, B. Fischer has successfully practicing naturopaths Ralf designed a new, exclusive cosmetics line the field of film, television, theatre and Opera for the demanding skin by prominent artists from now on time at the Salzburg Festival under the brand name Jean Perie Argan cosmetic in the direct sales as well as offered on the Internet ( Through the special contraction set of rare and precious argan oil, which is harvested only in certain areas of Morocco by the famous argan tree, it is a special agent to the regeneration of the skin and body. Rich in healthy unsaturated fatty acids, it is the highest natural supplier of alpha tocopherols, which has the highest vitamin activity. For more information see Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.. It is the most effective part of that skin to protect against pollution and free radicals and regenerate in the Jean Perie cosmetics. Argan oil helps the Drying and aging of the skin before. It is an important anti aging product of nature without any side effects. The precious argan oil is included in all Jean Perie products: argan night cream, the express-anti wrinkle skin care argan day cream, the express day protection argan cleavage, the lifting cream and anti-aging neck and decollete – argan-Jen esse, the nourishing cream for young skin..