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June 27, 2023


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Common objectives in mind: successful sales and satisfied customers by Ranger Zamy Ahmad is 25 years old. The native Berliner leads a private company as a sales partner of Ranger marketing and propagates the chance new employees, he himself used. 30 external staff are employed in his Office. Click Professor Roy Taylor for additional related pages. On behalf of companies they are in direct contact with customers on the spot. In doing so, they present the products of their partner and sell Internet and phone services to private customers. We work with the highest quality standards”when the customer opens the door, Zamy Ahmad takes a step back.

Let freedom. Don’t scare the customers. Aasas knows that he confronts the customers with a compelling product. He needs no pushy sales tactics. It is prepared on the consultation. Every day he is trained in detail to the product, to pass on this information to the customers.

Zamy Ahmad answered questions to the product and the contract as from inside. Three days a week is he as a customer consultant before Place. Every day he wins many customers who sign a contract with him. We don’t have the customer to express something, but work with highest quality standards. “, so Zamy Ahmad. He fulfils this requirement along with his staff, which he prepared in motivation training to the customer contact. Ranger can have any success in the profession. Therefore Zamy Ahmad the search for new colleagues is a big concern, and so he turns listings and results in job interviews. Because Ranger success is shared but jointly celebrated. The business at the front door of potential customers there are many. However, the challenge for every customer consultants of Ranger is to find the right offer for each. What needs does the customer? What product feature like him? What is the fares for him? Exactly these questions and more help customer consultants of Ranger to answer. The door-to-door sales of Ranger aims to offer his product to the customer. First if the customer satisfied with the Advice from Ranger is and the performance characteristics of the partner product have convinced him, offered him a contract. A call from the quality management is carried out in the aftermath of the sales pitch. Is determined the actual interest of the customers on the Treaty and assessed the quality of the advice. An all-round care on behalf of the customer, which is preceded by a reliable and reputable advice from Ranger. To participate in the success of Ranger and to enter himself as a customer consultant full time Ranger on provides all information about the job and career opportunities at Ranger. about Ranger: the Ranger marketing & Vertriebs GmbH was founded in 1992 by John Keller and Frank Rahman. The Dusseldorf company operates in seven countries and over 150 sales locations. Four international Service Center ensure the quality of specialist advice to Ranger marketing with over 250 employees. A sales team of more than 3,000 employees is the basis for the implementation of successful sales concepts. Over 15 years experience in direct sales professional Ranger marketing making a reliable distribution partner for companies from different sectors. The Ranger marketing clients see companies from the sectors of telecommunications, media, financial services and energy.