October 17, 2016


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Holger A. Jakstat, head of dental Propaedeutics and materials science, University of Leipzig; Dean dental school of the University of Leipzig denture supplies (cost) compared Wolfgang Kant b, master dental technician from Kronberg/Taunus implants today a standard supply? Professor Dr. Hans-Ludwig Graf, head of the polyclinic at the clinic for oral, jaw and facial plastic surgery, University of Leipzig Board of Trustees perfect dentures for over 20 years serving the dental technology sets the KpZ for over 20 years for a, to raise public awareness of the topic of Dental restorations. We work closely with the editors of print media, radio and television and write press releases for them, to provide background and photo material or provide interview partners. We are on our Internet page comprehensive information for journalists and patients, where very good reproduction for pay attention to medical laymen. Also serves as a forum for interdisciplinary cooperation the Board of Trustees of the public and promotes young scientists,”said Dr. Karin Uphoff, head of the Marburger press centre of the KpZ.

The KpZ info day will take place on Wednesday, 4 December 2013, from 14 to 19: 00 at the clinic of Prosthodontics and material science, Liebig Street 12, House 1, 04103 Leipzig. The complete program with the times of all program points can be found info day on the site. There are also ordering for brochures and folders, as well as information on current events, about the telephone expert consultations. Who wants to be informed, can provide with information also via Facebook: perfekterZahnersatz. Or sign up for the newsletter: newsletter Info day of Board of Trustees perfect dentures: you have questions? Info day on Wednesday, December 4, 2013, you can in the framework Discussion patients ask experts answer”from 16:10 16:40 CET ask they be answered directly from the experts. However, not everyone wants to recite his concern audience. There is, therefore, the opportunity to send questions to teeth, dentures and oral health already prior to the info day on the KpZ. The most frequently asked questions and answers are perfect dentures after the event on the website of the Board of Trustees to read (