February 10, 2021


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But underneath that mind is the subconscious mind. All the things that we have seen and repeated lot, are no longer only in the conscious, but passed to the subconscious. Under most conditions Orbis Diagnostics would agree. And in that subconscious is everything that we have repeated since childhood. If I have said much to you’re useless, you don’t serve for anything, you will not be anyone, that in this world you cannot be happy, or that money is bad, that those who have money are corrupt, etc., that step to your subconscious and it turns out the subconscious is the programmer of your life. Then that programming is there and you’ve done actions taken and necessary decisions so that you’re now as well. Now, if that is your reality, that this programming in your subconscious, and to apply the law of attraction with positive results will generate through new positive impressions of your senses, a new programming to attract reality you are really looking for your life. (Not to be confused with Sugar Bowl!).

On television they bombard you repeatedly through the senses with purchase this or that. You see it in a conscious, then it passes to the subconscious and each time you are going to buy, purchasing what television shows you as advertising. As well as passing this to sell you a product or social situation, record you the negativity, unhappiness, closely living, living unhappily and those are the messages that we receive on a daily basis. Listening several times I cannot be happy happens to me always bad, my country’s situation is becoming worse, slowly vas recording that programming. Now master and apply the law of attraction is aware that you really have a real power, you can start ordering your world to begin applying the law of attraction my advice is that you stay away from the negative news for 21 days without news, newspapers, and radio and that everytime you appear a negative thought, change it for one positive we are going to an example: in our dialogue internal chatted with us same for more than 14 hours of our day, if I think about that I can’t, then I say to myself 3 times, I can do it if I feel sadness and unhappiness I say 3 times I now am happy if I have problems with moneythat I scarce or I will quickly into debt or payments, say every hour of the day from 3 to 7 times money is my friend, I visit and stays with me in this way began to work the key to the law of attraction that is the mental programming I recommend that you use the subliminal reprogramming technique to apply the law of attraction – copy and paste the following link in your browser to start now.