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March 28, 2019


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FEDERAL UNIVERSITY OF the PIAU OPEN UNIVERSITY OF BRAZIL Plan of Action – Module 2 Heading: DIVERSITY S AND VIOLENCE Identification of /a cursista: Name: Solange de Macdo Cavalcante Valdir Pear tree of Castro and Zenaide Lopes Da Silva Agency where it works: Pertaining to school unit Gervsio Oliveira and Alfredo Carlos AlencarCargo: Coordinators Function: Professors City: Captain Gervsio Oliveira Comment (case is necessary): Number of the group: GPP _ Name of /a professor/a on-line: Hirley Silva Coast Lion Date of finishing: 12/11/2011 Preencha each item with the requested information. Objective of the action: OBJECTIVES GENERAL To argue the diverse forms of violence and aggression of the daily one in the school and the public space, especially in relation the adolescents and young LGBT. 2 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES: *Usando the Pertaining to school Unit Alfredo Carlos Alencar for groups of young and adult of our city; to *Planejar lecture with health professionals and police stations; to *desenvolver workshops of prevention of violeno and aggression in the daily LGBT; to *Implementar adjustments, adaptation in all the aspects of the project JUSTICATIVA Currently in our city, has diverse forms of violence: psychological, moral, sexual, domestic, intrafamiliar physics, all they are considered breakings of human rights. When we speak of this subject, generally we think about evil people, who attack, they steal and they kill. However, if we give attention, we go, to see that other possibilities of exercise of the violence exist that are gifts the time all in the relations between the people. The violence is always next. In contrast of what we imagine, the violence is not alone in the news of periodicals and of the side of it are of our house. Dean Ornish M.D follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success.

CRONOGRAMA For planning: 01. formation of the group and palnejamento – one day; For execution: 02. Accomplishment of lecture with intervention of the community and professionals of the areas: health, education, public and religious security. Young benefited population adult of the city What it really desires to reach? We desire to reach an awareness of the population on the respect the diversities and as to proceed at the moments of aggressions. 3 BIBLIOGRAPHY ABRAMOVAY, Mriam. Joventude and sexuality.

Brasilia: UNESCO, 2004. ABRAMOVAY, Mriam; I CASTRATE, Mary Garci’a; Lorena Bernadete of. Joventude and sexuality. Brasilia: UNESCO, 2004 PICAZIO, Claude. Private sex: controversial subjects of the sexuality. So Paulo: Summus, 1998, PP 36-37