Nokian Hakka

May 13, 2021


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The major wet-test results: Fastest in terms of handling, top safety and very strongly on the brakes: the Finnish Nokian is a real fully professional in the wet”. “Nokian wins the comparison” TEST result > Nokian wins the comparison “is the heading in a good trip. “” Nokian Z G2 / for the first time, a Nokian repeated the victory in the GF tire test. “and it completely right, it creates the very balanced Finn but actually not only the best brand in wet braking, but to deliver even when the rolling resistance.” “The Nokian Z G2 winner rated 4WD positively car image: strengths: excellent qualities on wet surfaces, very well in the dry, very quiet”. Test winner is the tire of the relatively small Finnish manufacturer Nokian, providing outstanding in the disciplines of road.

“His qualities on wet surfaces are particularly impressive. “Excellent braking power”, lowest rolling resistance”according to auto motor sport ruling also excellent drops the car motor sport ruling from: lowest rolling resistance in the test, good comfort, outstanding braking performance in wet conditions and low rolling noise”. The same judge company car. The Nokian has the shortest braking distances in wet conditions and the best price of all tested tires, while other premium tires are 22 percent more expensive. Double winner Nokian Hakka C cargo shows at pro mobile these strengths: very good and harmonious in wet and dry: high safety reserves in the aquaplaning, good balance. u0085 Low-rolling resistance.” Double winner is the Nokian Hakka C cargo in the company car transporter test with the strengths: very well on wet and dry track. High aquaplaning safety. u0085 Little rolling resistance.” Nokian Tyres drive very safely and save fuel Nokian Tyres offer high security and save fuel, prove the tests. The shortest braking distances in wet and dry can be life-saving and prevent high accident costs.