Nervous System Warnings

June 2, 2014


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The function of alarm in the nervous system produces an increase in activity of various bodily functions as an increase in blood pressure, intensification of cellular metabolism, increase of glucose in the blood, increased blood clotting and even an increase in mental activity. Similarly the blood goes to older, mainly to the legs muscles, to have enough energy to escape if necessary. The heart begins to work at a speed well above the usual, quickly taking hormones like adrenaline throughout the body and muscles. The immune system stops, as well as all non-essential body functions, to prepare for whatever comes: the flight or fight. All these reactions are extremely useful for survival.

The body knows exactly what should be done to the perception of a threat to maximize the possibilities of life. All our senses are intensified before the perception of danger. We opened more eyes, and pupils are dilated to gather as much information as possible. Actually it is a big advantage that everything This happens automatically, and that we are not us who have to activate the alarm and cause all these reactions. Our work simply concentrates on analyzing the situation to take the best decision depending on the threat.

However, in some people, this alarm is activated without any apparent reason. When this happens, given what is known as a panic attack. When the alarm is activated to specific stimuli, given what is known as a phobia. In many cases, first a panic attack occurs, and it evolves to become a phobia. For example, a person who has a panic attack while you are in your car driving, may develop a phobia to handle, since he feared to suffer a panic attack while again makes it. Indeed, the simple fact of getting into the car, fired in the person a whole series of reactions of fear, they are characteristic of phobias. D024341.html ‘>Steven P Rosenthal Northland.