Musikschule Frohlich

March 1, 2021


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Also she gave all proceeds for the benefit of the children’s Hospice. Josef donated lambs, children’s book author, and singer-songwriter who not only 50 per cent of its book sales by the Knight Arthur, who replaced the sword with words or June beetles and grasshoppers. He sang even his very touching bear heart song that was also about the death. On true life, the variety of actors made pleasure, there was something here for everyone, by the seniors of the AWO home until the Grandbaby. The diversity program by Horst Schomer led, was really impressive.

The chapel of “Tone on tone” opened the colorful and so it went on briskly: the school band from Birstein, the trombone choir Wachtersbach, the female choir Leisenwald, which on top of that even a donation handed over the men’s and women’s chorus of harmony singer lust Wachtersbach, Jenny Jones, dancers of the fitness club Activities, family Lemmer, the Alphorn players, which represented a high point as well as the Aufenauer man Ballet of “Schlabbedapper”. But also new recruits presented themselves, Daliah Stingl, the “Studio of dancing” was really beautiful young Ballet Veglia and hiphop, the Musikschule Frohlich lang’s trumps are played mainly in the heart of the elders and the flintstones with young accordion players, the WCV with the cute Pee and other young artists. Also fueled the “singing mice” by the children’s choir Gettenbach the audience, because it had to in “on Mr Meyers moped the front tire is flat, he sticks to it with chewing gum” really join. The singing mice received a special mascot by Horst Schomer, because these kids had dispensed with in favour of bear heart even on Christmas gifts. It is very important to thank all stakeholders, donors and volunteers the two initiators, this includes explicitly also Elena customs. Without all of these people would not be such a mammoth project have been possible. The colorful program certainly liked the audience and so now everyone said to spontaneously, to be in the next year again, because Schomers want to organize it in the future once a year. Barbara Hoppe