Model Japanese

December 17, 2021


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Quality is everything what the customer waits to receive in a product or servio’ ‘ , and that to satisfy its necessities, to adjust and to surpass its expectations, nothing more it is that to provide product quality or offered service, we can then arrive at the conclusion that the quality is made by people, and for individuals that possess administrative positions come back toward the comprometimento with the quality. Then, to allow, to demand and to search improvements, as much in the professional scope how much the intellectual level, is of basic importance for the success of any process of improvement it continues of the quality. In parallel, the administrative positions adopted by the organization in the direction to stimulate the comprometimento and the participation of all, to support new the mannering changes and mainly to be open horizontes, place the organization in place of prominence in the world-wide scene of business. Model Japanese adopted from you influence them suffered come from form to manage of Deming (1950) and Juran (1954), that they had shown and they proved with results that the responsibility on the product quality is directly of the people produce who them, brought for the organizations, the necessity to invest in the preparation and professional training of its collaborators. Based in the text above and the evidences found during the accomplishment the field research it was arrived conclusion that the human factor is primordial when it is said in keeping a SGQ.

What one expects with this article, is not to change the spread out and practised concepts already of auditorship, but yes to incorporate they it necessity of to after effect the systematic accompaniment of the process the accomplishment of the same one; not that the process is defective, but yes that exists this abnormality, this return to the preset routine already; not that the managers, the high management is inefficient, not participativa, omissive, and yes to call the attention for this small one I break up perceived in the carried through comments. He also looked himself to compare the positions of each integrant one of the SGQ, that they are not missed, but with what ideal for the system is judged. One identified situations to be perceived per item, that are judged if adopted, will be able to contribute for the reduction of this described relaxation in the article. At last, with the heading given to this article, he wants yourself to call the attention for a situation that occurs with high frequency in the organizations, however little divulged. Situation that can all compromise the system of management of an organization and that, until the gift, was not found no referencial bibliographical the respect. One expects with this article, to have contributed of some form stops with that reading, in the direction to value and to divulge the importance of the guarantee of the process of an organization, after concluded the process of auditorship of this. ‘ is given credit that; ‘ the guarantee of the process is not only in making certain of the first time, but yes in making certain sempre’ ‘ REFERENCES ABNT? BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF NORMS TECHNIQUES, Lines of direction for auditorship of system of management of the ambient quality and.