Middle Ages Ships

April 23, 2023


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Renaissance, Sailing. In fact, it was the era of experimentation. Mariners could change and improve your craft. If he was lucky, others followed his example, and a new type .Poetomu in all probability, while there are many classes of ships for only a few ships each. But by the end of the xv century from this mass identified two main types: the caravel and easy sailing. Caravel was the contribution of the Portuguese in Sailing, a direct descendant of the Mediterranean ship with a Latin parusom.Stroenie caravel Unlike earlier northern ships complete tooling, the width of which reached almost half of their length, the width of the caravel rarely it is greater than her quarters. You may want to visit ALS to increase your knowledge. She had only one deck or even polpaluby, but, despite the relative fragility of the caravels, namely they were made the longest trip. They explored the coast of Africa.

Two of the three ships of the first expedition of Columbus were caravels. Appeared later ship, the nao has a high poop and forecastle by the presence, or "tank". During the Middle Ages to the construction of wooden ships to practice fortifications in the fore and aft, where to put luchnikov.Poyavlenie galeonPo-top did their time and then pulled down, but later they became an integral part of the ship, and Karak, Argosy capacity of one thousand tons and above, the tank has reached a very large size, seven or eight decks high. Around the same time as the , there was a warship galleon. At first the gun on it were placed in suspensions, but between 1500 m and 1514 years they were placed below the deck, and were shooting through special loopholes. So it remained until the war while sailing did not go down in history. Galleon was smaller and more manageable than the towering . He has gone all sorts of deck superstructure, and the ship became a graceful contours of a bold clarity.