April 27, 2023


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Most people, especially who are unaware of the NLP, or do not take contact with disciplines or personal development activities, are in a State of low awareness.One of the important things that are achieved with the neuro-linguistic programming, is in my opinion, do more aware certain internal States and emotions, which soon arrived, installed a time, then they would be and not be understood them well your message. The practice of NLP itself, achieves a greater focus and awareness of a human being and one interior aspects learns to detect positive mean us that emotion by more limiting to be. Because an emotion is a Messenger comes to bring us a particular message and that is useful reading find your positive intention, – as proposed in one of its basic tenets the NLP- and learn how to manage these States and this does not have to do with controlling an emotion. When I say handle, I am referring to You can do something! with that excitement find you the meaning because it is there and not necessarily stay immobilized by it. The contrary emotions speak of actions they can tell us taking action about this or do not go down that road, choose another.

Anthony Robbins a worldwide promoter of NLP, leads a little to end these concepts, saying that negative mood States like sadness, depression, pain, are not eternal, not are also diseases that must be suffering them resignedly for years! you can manage and change quickly. From the NLP then, know manage or manage your own emotions means to make the most, giving his place and understanding negative emotions making them then, harmless in order to pass to that better, more positive, state that you drive forward and to safeguard your health. Because being engaged in negative or limiting emotions long time or manner appellant is not free for the body and health this is paid and begin to show various bodily symptoms that are left trapped in the cells of the body….