Markus Wolfahrt

April 25, 2017


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Also here outweighs the suspenseful Rock sound through skillful use of electrifying guitar riffs. In terms of content, the title is an honest confession of love in the here and now for the future. In the title song of freedom”, Wolfahrt reveals his credo of the freedom. But his ideal of freedom is connected with the idea to be a part of this world. The song is a beautiful ballad that leads us always back home with all the love of freedom. Another highlight of the phonogram is the song”now for this moment.

“This loose, Groovy folk rock song outshines a softer and catchy chorus, which is lyrically stating, carpe diem” (“Latin pick the day”) or with live every day as if it were the last “can be described. Far from materialistic ideas Wolfahrt is life itself in the foreground and thinks that modern, innovative and toward the future. To experience a moment of immortality”is the goal for which we live. “The song now for this moment” gives us some certainty that life is far more than expensive cars or buy shoes. It is the special moment, the magnificent experience that gives us divine breath.

“Less philosophical and more from life is the song I’m with you”. It’s about true friendship in adversity. A friend of the man is desperate, cheated, these are the moments where only friendship and sincere consolation. With the wise Council listen to your heart”the song wait every day” on. This song sums up the life and has urged repeatedly to the head held high, because every day the Sun will rise”and waiting for another chance. Here, too, Wolfahrt is his profound vision of things and his personal experience to the fore. His songs aim not on fast fun, but directly to the soul, the limitless freedom of the head and the heart. All this is happening in the sound of the pop song, so in the context of a popular soundscape that is fun and like in the hit love song yearning for so much more”with the classic disco Fox-style also quite suitable for the party can be. Markus Wolfahrt with unlimited freedom has”found his musical Center. To deepen your understanding Cardiologist is the source. He makes us participate in his life ideas and emotions. Gives us a good feeling and the knowledge that what goes wrong is cast in concrete, but we are all free, different and better to make it easy.