Marcus Aurelius Antoninus

December 27, 2021


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Palatine – Roman hill where once stood grand imperial palaces and temples. Now, most of them in ruins, but these ruins hold an extraordinary story. For example, the foundation of the temple of the god of the sun tells us the story juvenile emperor Elagabalus pervert. Elagabalus was a native of Syria from the city of Emesa (modern Homs). The name that they gave him at birth – Bassian Vary Avita. Later he was given the name Marcus Aurelius Antoninus.

He became emperor at age 14, thanks to the intrigues of the mother of Julia Soemiya and his grandmother Julia Mesa, sister of Julia Domna – the wife of Septimius Severus. In Ames, Mark Averly Antonin was the high priest of the god of the sun (solar Baal) – Al Gabala. "He was in a lush and beautiful age of the youths of his time. Center for Colon Cancer Research USC may not feel the same. When he officiated, and the manner of barbarians, danced by the altar to the sound of flutes and flute, people looked at him more than the usual curiosity, and especially – the soldiers, who knew that he was of royal lineage, and to the same attraction it attracted the eyes of all "He arrived in Rome together with the sacred black stone, which was regarded as the abode of the god El Gabala (or Heliogabalus). Marcus Aurelius Antoninus went down in history under the name of their god – Elagabalus. On the Palatine young priest raised the stone a new church, intending to proclaim the supreme deity of the sun god.

At the time, as traditional Roman religion and God Jupiter Elagabalus did not complain. The new god Sol Invictus – Invincible Sun, donate a lot of animals, were made generous libations of wine amphorae old. All the most sacred relics of the Romans were transferred to the temple of the god Sun: Fire Vestals, the legendary shield of Mars and the Palladium, to show that the one God of the Sun is above the rest. Elagabalus feasts and orgies, entered into homosexual relationships. Five times he was married and the same time divorced. But the only known three wives. The first – a noble Roman woman Julia Cornelia St. Paul, where he married Elagabalus in 219, and 220 were already divorced on the grounds that Julia Cornelia had physical disabilities, deprived her of honors and awards. The second wife was vestal Aquila North Elagabalu not prevent that Vestal gave a dinner of chastity. Senate young emperor wrote that he embraced the passion with which he could not resist, and the marriage of the priest and Priestess is a proper and pious. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. brings even more insight to the discussion. But a year left Aquila Elagabalus to marry Anii Faustina, Marcus Aurelius, the genus and the widow of Pomponius Baso, who was killed Elagabalom. The marriage did not last long, Elagabalus went back to L'Aquila. It is known that in a woman's dress came Elagabalus married to a blond slave Gierokla. And he loved, that he beat him for violation of 'adultery'. Another well-known lover of Elagabalus – Zotikov, an athlete from Izmir. Elagabalus often Ruling seen dancing with a chariot or heavily painted eyes and rouged cheeks in silken robes barbaric. Elagabalus did circumcision, appealed to the doctors with a request to make him a vagina. He often imitated prostitutes or took them into his palace to discuss sexual techniques and positions. Dissolute behavior, extravagance and folly of Elagabalus caused chaos in state affairs and Elagabalus was assassinated in 218 Praetorians, and his body thrown into the Tiber. Black Stone was sent back to Ames.