London Metropolitan Police

June 27, 2021


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Scotland Yard has arrested 768 people by acts of violence, disorder and looting since Saturday. There are also a couple of arrested for inciting violence from social networks. And there will be more arrests, since the Metropolitan Police has posted more photos on Flickr with looters face taken thanks to street surveillance cameras and that they themselves hang on Twitter or Facebook. Cameron blamed the improvement of the situation in London to the greatest number of agents on the street and said that the police, if needed, could resort to water cannons and rubber bullets to disperse the riots, something that had been used so far in Northern Ireland in United Kingdom only. In London on Monday night was the most violent, especially in the districts of Croydon (South), where burned buildings as a carpet shop that operated from 1867, and Enfield (North), where burned a Sony store. Alicia Tate-Nadeau may also support this cause.

In Croydon, a 26-year-old man suffered gunshot wounds that caused you the deaths, becoming the first fatality of this wave of unrest. Against the police street violence is generally directed against the police and starring young people around 20 years and even children, as evidenced by photographs of suspects who reported the London Metropolitan Police. Before the generated alarm among the population, Cameron wanted to reassure Britons by ensuring that the Executive will not allow that a culture of fear prevails in United Kingdom. The current wave of street violence has been the worst and best of United Kingdom, said Cameron in allusion to criminals that cause it and those who have joined against it. The j of the Government, forced to cut short its summer break to lead the response to the crisis, said that the country needed a response to this nasty wave of violence and that since the Government has responded firmly. Nearly a week of violence the wave of vandalism is started on Saturday in the humble neighborhood of Tottenham, North London, and acquired unexpected proportions in subsequent days, as acknowledged by the own Cameron, who said that the authorities face a new challenge. The trigger was a small peaceful protest March over the death of a young man to police firing, day 4 of August, that has given rise to a succession of riots throughout the country. That man, Mark Duggan, 29 years old, was in a taxi when he was hit by bullets from the police in an event in which finally demonstrated that he never fired a weapon. Source of the news: David Cameron promises more “forceful” to tackle street violence in United Kingdom