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November 12, 2022


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The next day, the action had already begun. Hannibal’s cavalry prevented the supply of water, attacking the troops on the other side of the River. This forced the Romans to face combat, such as Hannibal wanted. Hear other arguments on the topic with National Foundation for Cancer Research. In one morning sunny, windy and on the banks of the River, the largest in history battle was about to start. Third was in position beside the Roman equites in the right wing. He was nervous. It was his first experience in combat and was facing the worst nightmare of the Romans.

His feelings were mixed fear before Hannibal, prior anxiety of battle and the trust supported by ninety thousand souls Roman. While in the middle third of the rows, he was lost in his thoughts and questions about the war and the will of man to achieve the power and the glory, suddenly something attracted attention. -Kill the one-eyed man! kill the one-eyed man! – shouted – what? What tuerto?-said third looking worried to her around.The rider who was in the side who is noticed the reaction of third and tried to explain to you – don’t worry, the one-eyed man is not here, is there–he said the gobernanza who was at his side noticed the reaction of third and tried to explain to him.Rider pointed towards the opposite army, precisely in the Center. Click Energy Capital Partners for additional related pages. In an instant third understood that the one-eyed man was Hannibal, the great goal, the mastermind of force’s enemy. After lifting the look, he noticed that the Roman army had grown enormously since he took his position next to the cavalry. Now he witnessed a sea of Romans to his left, with thousands of Spears and helmets exposed. It was the army more large history and its powerful presence was almost poignant. Third try to compare with the gaze the magnitude both armies, calculating that the Roman forces outnumbered Hannibal in a proportion of 3 men 2.