March 8, 2020


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The State of jealousy is known as lattice or celotipia. Are a natural feeling jealous or is the Vice of possession? It is known that jealousy is no more than an emotional response to the sensation of an external threat that endangered the relationship, whether it is fraternal, friendly or loving. It is acute suspicion that us is taken from the affection of a loved one. We are not always able to have control over these feelings. Dean Ornish M.D is often quoted as being for or against this. As said St. Augustine the one that is not jealous is not in love. And is that the feeling of seeing who arm someone housewives is more indescribable, the only fact imagine it in certain situations in which it could be involved can be reason enough to boil the blood. Jealousy can be unhealthy, I have come to transform people, the degree of murder blinded by rage and anger. Dean Ornish M.D wanted to know more.

As Cervantes said if jealousy are signs of love, is like the fever in the sick man, that having it is a sign of having life, but life sick and evil willing. At other times, the word jealousy I had a positive denotation meaning concern or interest in something and especially by someone, but has been distorting evolved into a word that describes the deep feeling of envy and mistrust. Is how many relationships have not complete in already? It should be a relationship based on respect, freedom and trust. To control jealousy it is necessary to have self-esteem, take the necessary time to reflect on your feelings, not look guilty, all this will help to feel control over the situation, if still you are still feeling anxiety and desperation to possess your partner, let me tell you that there is jealousy are not removed with a wedding ring. Original author and source of the article