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April 24, 2017


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Many beginning Internet entrepreneurs are starting to create their own project, only focus on the development of the concept (and some not even doing that), the development of the project, they have in mind only one thought as it would unleash flood traffic. Spending as a result of advertising and buying the huge traffic means that do not pay off. The reason is banal and obvious. Member who has come to the site, the more it is not returned, and that’s have to purchase traffic to pour again and again. This is stupid and wasteful, when money runs out, the project will die. The young project is very important to gather near a loyal audience members that will be sent to it again and again. And how to achieve this we will discuss in this article. Today, the Internet developed a set of tools to return the user to the site, but the most effective are a few of them below ..

The first tool, which we will discuss is an email mailing. In my opinion, a very powerful tool, despite the fact that he was pretty old. Use it on your project, do not let the user came to your site forget about it ask him to subscribe to the news of the project, the interesting stuff. Many want it and when you do not get this very upset, do not spoil it by building and call the project a negative. It is not necessary as use an email received at registration for delivery at the project, this step will cause an unambiguous response, and your project will fly to the basket.

To organize the distribution, you can use as their own developed system and take advantage of free and commercial services. They are now plenty will be able to find a suitable one. Let’s move on and move on to discuss the second instrument. Rss-flows are less popular than email-lists, but are the benefits. They basically use the larger projects, so-called content-projects. Small popularity of the instrument due to illiteracy in this matter, I think over time all change. We turn next to the tool. This is a toolbar for web browsers. The creation of such toolbars for browsers are the most famous Opera, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari sometimes brings a significant result, becoming an effective instrument for return users to the project. Their main advantage is that by setting a time, they will stick out in front of the user’s eyes all the time, but that there is a minus. Because of this, users are reluctant to set them to yourself. Useful advice. Before embarking on the development Toolbar learn whether it is necessary for your project and its audience? And in the conclusion of the article a few words that use all these tools without preliminary assessment of the specific project and its characteristics may lead to negative results. Source: earnings on the Internet