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December 16, 2016


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7 .- In the case 9, where it says "ta'angare," the second "a" should be "A" (nose), ie "Ta 'Ngara. This error is systematic and that in all cases the word was written in the same way. Anyone can deduce that is because at that nasal "a" is followed by "ng." The "k" becomes "ng" when the syllable or word that is added is nasal (ake love becomes ng e – ak becomes master aru aru ng) 8 .- Almost every word Guaranised by ruthlessly violate the MEC against the phonetic structure of the Guarani, as the Guarani language is a direct syllables, ie syllables are formed from single vowel or consonant plus vowel (or – ga / / / ka – va – ju) . The syllables and words of the Guarani only end in a vowel, consonant and never less than double consonant in the words Guaranised by MEC (ks you – to / / / ka l – ku-la). 9 .- The words Guaranised by MEC also undermine the phonetic structure of the Guarani when they enter foreign phonemes as the "f" (of high).

Precisely because the absence of the "f" in Guarani phonetics, it is common to hear people replacing the phoneme "s". So instead of "f ideo" is said "s ideological, or instead of" pro f reasure "read" pro s reasure. " 10. In Case 14 slipped the following error. The Cleveland Clinic contributes greatly to this topic. In Guarani (which has the letter "c") was written the word ora c ion with the letter "c".