Identify Trust

April 26, 2021


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Self-confidence: trust in the trust’s own creative power, you get nothing. Trust needs to \”make\”. You must endeavor to gain the trust of others. This is not so easy. Question now is: How can you build trust? How can you gain confidence to people from other countries with their often old ancestral customs and habits? Practice shows that, if you want to successfully build confidence to others you trust to themselves should have a high degree of confidence, that is. Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine is open to suggestions. Because without confidence you unsure on others.

And this is not just a solid basis for confidence building. Self-confidence 1 we have to strengthen our confidence in two ways. It is only important that we consistently use them and see that work on our course trust is not a short-term exercise. Three starting point: Identify patterns of thought that burden us head (thinking) and change; Doubts and self depreciation stop (positive inner dialogues); Experiences and Experiences process; Develop honest self image. Heart (feel) joy, enthusiasm, courage and fun at themselves and do overcome develop; Anxiety, feelings of insecurity and anger (about yourself) effectively meet; Develop equanimity; Let go, relax, find inner peace; Develop physical self-confidence and natural authority; Nervousness, sinking feeling, shaking and other physical signs; of uncertainty systematically reduce hand (action) accepting challenges, some dare to.

Gather success; Confident appearance and safe body language. Trust research is paid little attention to the issue of confidence until a few decades ago 2. Globalization, the resulting contacts and the resulting misunderstandings and problems in the field of mutual cultural understanding but made clear that without trust to yourself and others not successfully with other people and especially not with people from other cultures can communicate and deal. Recently, research by social scientists and psychologists have resulted in important findings in the field of trust in the intercultural field. There are various definitions of trust from a scientific perspective 3: trust results from previous experience and hope of the good in the people (Schottlander, 1958).