Harp About Six Octaves

March 19, 2021


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Johannes Fischer of Finess harps designed six-octave simple pedal harp of harp farmer Johannes Fischer has succeeded: in its Finess harp factory in Frasdorf im Chiemgau he developed the common five-octave simple pedal harp folk harp with six octaves. This advanced range of six full octaves with 43 strings allows a wider repertoire and more ways of playing the harp player. With the extension of the harp, taking into account ergonomic, aesthetic and acoustic aspects of Bayer, Johannes Fischer sets new standards in harp construction. Thanks to its sophisticated design, it is possible to play his musical instruments brilliantly up in high altitudes masterfully and without effort. Fishermen harp from the Chiemgau, which became a brand under Finess harps are classic easy pedal harp, which are known as Tyrolean Folk harps. It succeeded Johannes Fischer, to combine the advantages of different types of harps. Because due to his careful studies he was forgotten virtues of Revive the harp of the last century.

Johannes Fischer builds its Finess harp with highest diligence made from exquisite materials and thus creates the conditions for a stand-alone sound in a mix of fullness, warmth and brilliance. For fifty years harp is played in our family tradition”, explains the harpist and harp builders Johannes Fischer his passion for the musical instrument. The desire was nurtured a unique harp through experiences in the harp and the study of the history of the harp. As a skilled harp Builder Johannes Fischer has sought to develop a simple pedal harp, which differs from other folk harps and represents no copy of other manufacturers of harps. So emerged in the Finess harp manufacture go independent stringed instruments with highest quality and for the first time also harps, the six octaves. According to its name Johan nes fi scher created the dedicated harp manufacturer the brand Finess harp. Barbara Lindner Rotorminds