Growth Conditions

December 26, 2021


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Also fungi characterized by all the other organs of an animal cell. What is popularly referred to as mushrooms and eat, is only part of the mushroom body, called fruiting bodies (cap, feet). The most significant part of the fungus is the mycelium or mycelium, which formed the bodies. Vegetative body of fungi is composed of hyphae having the form of cylindrical tubes of up to 10 microns in diameter, they possess apical (Apical) growth and profuse branching. Heart Specialist often says this. Individual hyphae are so small that they can not see with the naked eye. They are visible only in clusters, in the form of fluffy tomentose raid. Inside, the hyphae are filled with protoplasm, the higher fungi have cross walls, they are usually at some distance from the end of the hyphae. If we consider the hyphae of the mycelium under the microscope, it is easy to see that they consist of sections divided into cells.

Growing, mycelium allocates special substances – enzymes, under which the expansion of the substrate. Hyphae of the mycelium suck nutrients from the environment throughout its surface, doing so manner as would the role of roots. Mycelium usually grows from the starting point radiate in all directions. When the surface of the mycelium, growing, strong increase, it becomes able to absorb more nutrients substances from the environment. In production, this stage is ideal for creating conditions that will trigger the mycelium to the formation of fruit bodies. Mushroom fruiting body composed of the cap and stem. Kevin P. Campbell, PhD does not necessarily agree. Top hat covered with skin (kutikoloy).

It prevents fungus from adverse conditions. Under the skin in a hat is pulp. The pulp has a specific taste and smell. Below the flesh in the cap is sporangiums layer (hymenium). He spreads over the surface of singular protrusions, known as gimenofora, which consists of plates. In sporangiums layer (hymenium) fruiting bodies develop spores – a small one-celled education. The value of the dispute is measured microns. Their number in the fruit body in the millions. Under natural conditions, spores are used for dispersal and reproduction of fungi. Dissemination of spores occurs through wind, water flows insects and animals. Getting in favorable conditions spores germinate to form mycelium and give rise to a new fungus. On the growth of fungi is greatly influenced by environment and quality of soil in which they live. In nature, They grow mainly in spring and autumn. Weather conditions at this time of year most favorable for fungal growth. Only this time the mycelium begins the formation of fruit bodies. A possible reason for this is differences temperatures in the soil and air, rain and high relative humidity. We can assume that there are enough nutrients that climatic conditions are optimal, and that the mycelium reached a certain maturity. However, commercial cultivation of mushrooms should occur throughout the year. Therefore, the mushroom farm, all year long to create conditions that mimic the appropriate climate for fungi and culture medium. On our website under the heading "Growing mushrooms', you can find the main stages of the industrial process, mushroom cultivation, from the start of composting to the use of spent compost. Please note that all stages of growth require an individual approach and strict implementation of all activities necessary to obtain high-quality compost and a good crop of mushrooms. If something seems unclear, write, we try to clarify the information you need more detail.