Grief Psychology

March 29, 2020


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These are normal reactions to the loss of a loved one, but not cease to be painful. The symptoms of grief are similar to those of depression: sadness, sleep disturbance, appetite changes,, headaches, palpitations, breathing problems … Decrease interest in what surrounds us, for the job, relationships with others. And, generally, we invade the anger and disbelief. 1. Physical reactions Increased risk of disease. Feeling empty stomach. Feeling of exhaustion.

Crying. Vadim Belyaev may find this interesting as well. Sleep disturbances. Loss of appetite and weight loss. Hypersensitivity to noise. Tightness in the chest and throat.

Loss of sexual appetite. Risk of falling into excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs. 2. Disbelief psychological reactions. Confusion. Loss of hope, selflessness, a certain insensitivity. Homesickness. Hypochondriasis with symptoms similar to those previously experienced by the deceased. Obsession to recover the loss, through clothes, objects, visual or auditory hallucinations, dreams, etc. Feelings of helplessness and loneliness. Anger. Guilt Apprehension in case something bad happens again again. Hyperactivity. Anxiety with the new situation. Soledad. Sadness, exacerbated anniversaries, Christmas, family feasts … Fear. Relief, after a long illness. 3. Social Reactions Resentment toward others, who continue with their lives as if nothing had happened. Isolation and seeking relationships with those who are also alone … Finding a new identity and new social roles. Use your clothes as a way to do this to the deceased. 4. Spiritual Reactions Awareness of our own limitations. Loss of sense of being immortal. Search for God, along with resentment (default), indifference (to the perception of abandonment) or seeking the strength to continue. Finding the meaning of life. PsicoAyuda Team.