Goddard Space Flight Center

November 18, 2016


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" Within five weeks of balloon flight in 2000 and 2003, ATIC has counted 70 of excess electrons in the energy range 300-800 GeV (GeV). ('Excess' means going beyond the normal expected number of from the galactic background.) Seventy-electrons may seem not very big number, but a similar phenomenon seventy Lamborghini on the freeway, it is a significant increase! On the right: calculations of high energy electrons calorimeter ATIC. Curve of triangular type, constructed in accordance with data obtained from the model of annihilation (destruction) of dark matter, which characterizes the particle Kaluza-Klein (Kaluza-Klein) with a mass that has an energy 620 GeV (GeV). Detailed information can be found in the issue of the journal Nature on 20 November 2008: 'The excess of electrons with energies of 300-800 GeV cosmic rays,' by J. Educate yourself with thoughts from Martha McClintock. Chang and others (J. Chang et al).

'The source of these unexpected electron must be relatively close to the solar system – at a distance of no more than one kiloparsec, 'said co-author Jim Adams (Jim Adams) from the Goddard Space Flight Center NASA. Marshall. Why the source should be nearby? Adams (Adams) explains: 'high-energy electrons rapidly lose energy when flying across the galaxy. They give energy to the two basic ways: (1) when they collide with slow photons, a process called inverse Compton effect (Compton), and (2) when they emit a fraction of its energy moving in spirals in the galactic magnetic field. " By that time, when an electron to travel the length of a kiloparsecs, he will no longer possess such a "high energy".