Gilbert Arenas

February 5, 2021


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A Concept, which takes this approach, is marketing”commitment. This trend in the United States stands for Dialogbasierte promotional measures, which allow the user actively interacting with topics related to the brand. “The idea: advertisements should no longer just lull consumers”, but to encourage him to the advertised product and its context to deal with, for example of self-generated content. Biopsy specimen has firm opinions on the matter. “An example of such a campaign is the action of impossible is nothing” of the sporting goods manufacturer adidas. Young users were called upon to submit videos, pictures and songs that deal with personal excellence.

Emotional spots of top athletes such as David Beckham or the NBA star Gilbert Arenas were used as inspiration. The action had a twofold aim: to move the user to the action and with the representation of very personal relationships to achieve a stronger identification with the brand. The Lumix digital photo competition from Panasonic works on a similar principle: amateur photographers make their most beautiful recordings online, an expert jury and the other user to the best submissions vote. Thus, not only the photographer himself, but also the remaining users are active and deal in an emotionally charged connection with the brand. The success of the campaign speaks for itself: has already been set over 18,000 photos on the special T-Online portal for the tender of the digital photo contest 2006 and reached over 24 million page impressions.

The competition is in the fourth round this year. To reach maximum efficiency to their target audience successfully and optimally exploit the inserted media budget, it’s also, to minimize the wastage with online campaigns. Because only so can be sure that advertising reaches exactly the consumers, for which it is intended. Here modern Targetingtools are used: they involve features of a user in addition to technical and socio-demographic factors of also behavior-related, in jargon called behavioral targeting. For a campaign for example, young, interested in the sport of skiing people from southern Germany relevant, can be specifically addressed this group. As a result, The advertising effect increases significantly with constant use of resources, increases the efficiency of the campaign. Many advertisers have made already positive experience with targeting. Especially companies from sectors which are so far have held back in online advertising, invest increasingly in corresponding campaigns, in particular in the field of fast moving consumer goods. A high level of demand can be observed fashion, beauty, nutrition and personal care but also from the industries. The examples show: advertisers who carefully select the best quality environment, put on a greater interaction with the user and minimize wastage, are with brand advertising on the Web at the correct address.