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December 7, 2016


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To do this, close your eyes. Fingertips to massage CAREFULLY eyeballs through closed eyelids. At first, do circular 09/06 clockwise motion, then – the same anti-clockwise. After that, the same time massaging around the eye sockets century. Finding hot spots, with the help of massage makes sense to achieve the disappearance of pain. During motions, pay special attention to the inner and outer corners of eyes – there are points of the gall bladder meridian, which impact on helping to cure eye diseases. For those who do not want to have wrinkles around the eyes, There is one very simple and effective exercise. If you do not have wrinkles, you can not expect their appearance.

As soon as they become available, it will be too late: 0) Close your eyes. Unnamed are putting fingers to the outer edge of the eye and gently presses the skin to the eye socket (the edge of the eye with no delays: 0). Now open your eyes – closed. Opened – closed. Under the fingers you should feel the movement of the eye muscles. If you do not feel that means doing something not correctly. And so a couple of minutes, or until you get bored: 0) more often during the day doing this exercise, the more likely to be wrinkle-free: 0) Also, this exercise strengthens the muscles of the eyeball. You can slightly complicate the process, if change the direction of gaze.

Show up, then right. Look down, then right. Diagonally upward (left, right) – right. Diagonally down (left, right) – right. And during all these movements continue to close and open your eyes. Masochki to the eye when you are good at applying a mask over his eyes, calmly lying down and not rustle through the house, trying to take care of themselves and, in the house and clean up: 0) It does not work. Choose one thing.: 0) Otherwise, the head is tilted down you will do even worse than it was. Since it is now on the thin skin of the century will be like a weight hanging your mask. For even more analysis, hear from The Cleveland Clinic. It is logical, but somehow it is not for everyone: 0) A very good remedy for wrinkles is Galvanic Spa. You can do the procedure only for the eyes: 20 seconds on the lower eyelid, 20 seconds on the upper eyelid, and so in both eyes. look at pictures If you have problems with swelling of the eyelids or dark circles around the eyes, then with Galvanic Spa can get rid of it. If the bags under the eyes can sometimes reappear (as reason not sit here and probably in the kidney), something about the dark circles after a while you forget completely (even if you're with them (dark circles) were born within 50 years they does not disappear). Practice shows that it is possible to get rid of dark circles around the eyes. It's just that everyone has his own time frame. Also in the process of working with for centuries are beginning to rise upper eyelids drooping. It happens slowly, very slowly, but true: 0) depends on the frequency of the eyelids. And if all the previous information to apply comprehensively. Ie All together, the results are stunning: 0) So all in our hands and in the power of our intention: 0) Sincerely, Julia Bakhtin