Frankfurt Bockenheim

December 19, 2022


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‘Long live the sports’ seem to take seriously the Frankfurter. The offer for recreational athletes is indeed huge, alone the 450 sport clubs have 150,000 members. To come on holiday, the surfboard unpack residents who pursue their sport without a club, on the golf course, near the mountain biking or that. So actually are no limits the frankfurters, at the place already. And not only athletes need more space and families, Umzieher and handyman looking for more room for the drawers, the second refrigerator and the wallpapering table.

So where with the many things that accumulate over the course of time and with changing hobbies? The basement is often much too small or moist and also the apartment offers not endless amount of room. No one feels especially indefinitely in a fully supplied flat. The self – storage self storage provider”has recognised exactly this lack of space in cities and offers the new service of the self einlagerns” and his newly built storage buildings the solution. Sports equipment, Furniture, boxes and all other cherished things can be stored both short – and long-term clean, dry and safe with self. For around half a year are the frankfurters with the self site in Bockenheim (371 Ludwig-Landmann-Strasse / Rossittener Strasse 21-23) a total of 1,100 compartments where they can store very easily all the stuff, which find a place in your own four walls. (Mit dem Standort in Wiesbaden (Mainzerstrasse 79), there are 950 storage compartments, can the residents of Hesse’s more possessions and goods in the warehouses of self-storage ‘ place. The compartment sizes can be chosen according to needs and can be hired from a price of 28.30 euros per four weeks. At the beginning, customers always think they need more square meters, until we have advised you.

We attach importance that only so many square metres will be rented as actually needed. Rule of thumb: 10 percent of the living space. This means that the customer needs “” only “six square meter storage area, if he wants to incorporate as the complete setting up his 60-square meter apartment, know Martin Gerhardus, managing partner of self – storage”. Reasons to rent a compartment at self, are quite varied: apartment too small, moist basement, marriage, offspring, separation, inheritance, alien or extraordinary passions of collectors. Sometimes their story and the reasons tell us customers why they hire the compartment. “When for example just a new life begins, because they move in together with the partner, but with the best will not know where the two refrigerators and dining sets”, so Gerhardus continue. “Self-storage” is represented in the meantime with 13 locations in Germany (Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden), 8 in Austria (Vienna, Graz) and two in Switzerland (Zurich). 12 more buildings are under construction or in planning. The SelfStorage customers are a total 22,000 compartments available, in which you can store their stuff or again pick up daily from 6:00 to 22:00. The compartments are multiple secured with its own lock for each tenant access to the site by means of PIN code only to SelfStorage customers as well as cameras and night security. Self – storage