Fear Healthily

January 16, 2021


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Play the worst-case scenario to ensure that you are ruled by fear, but they do not you, they need to analyze and understand. This method allows you to see that any concern has its limits, you will no longer feel their helplessness and vulnerability. Whenever you have a situation causing anxiety, ask yourself: 1. What is the likelihood that what you are concerned about to happen? 2. What happens in the worst case? 3. Imagine that the worst of what could happen has already happened. 4.

Think about your further action and find a way to improve the worst-case scenario. By doing so, you will see that there are no hopeless situations and insurmountable challenges. And if the worst option is not infinite, your death, you always be able to get out of this situation. And if so, whether or not worry? Forget about the past and the future of the words of Oscar Wilde, all the charm of the past in that it – the past. So here and forget about past failures. Worth Do mourn the spilled milk, because, no matter how much you cry, not a drop will not return. Refer to the past only in order to extract the experience to become better and move on. We live in, constantly looking back and looking ahead. Past draws laden insults and experiences, the future scares the unknown. But tell me, can you predict what the coming day you prepare? No? Then why do you always think: ‘What if ‘, ‘What if ‘? If you do not stop worry about the future, depression and stress will follow you closely, and you’ll never be able to rejoice in the here and now.