April 11, 2022


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Indeed, consciousness has been characterized as an open structure, merely as a project, resulting in the establishment of the absolute freedom of choice which is endowed humans. This absolute freedom creates anguish in the face as possible and the feeling of an equally absolute liability, this is because, according to a known maxim Sartre, "existence precedes essence." Hence existence is consciousness, the being for itself, while the essence of the objects, being itself. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. may help you with your research. This is intended to express the originality and irreducibility of subjectivity against the facticity and the compact nature of being itself: man is primarily a project that is lived subjectively. " And in that pure subjectivity, the man away from everything else and is nothing but a inadequate structure constant itself. That is freedom: the very structure of existence, of consciousness or of being to another. In the midst of this freedom, which seeks to existence is the power to determine or capture its essence in this sense, the project of human existence is the ongoing effort to bridge the gap or mismatch between being himself and being in itself .

The subject tends to an ideal that is the perfect match of in-itself and for itself, but that ideal is doomed to failure because the in-itself and for itself is contradictory. So the tragedy of man as it is this project is that his passion is useless. Still, Sartre insisted passionately argue that "Existentialism Is a Humanism" (as the title of one of its most famous and controversial trials).