Emergency Plan

May 6, 2022


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Small handling with great effect in the event of an emergency! RUNNING In the event of an emergency minutes decide AMOK! Much was discussed about how you can protect against a rampage! Security zones, full-body scanner or security personnel this is everything for many public buildings such as schools or kindergartens, nursing homes cost reasons usually cannot be implemented. No one can look into the minds of such people or guessed above when they are put into practice this hideous act. There is no 100% security to protect himself against it, but still small room numbers can deliver in an emergency critical minutes after an elaborate PLAN of AMOK for a rapid access to the special forces. The need to install guidance in public buildings (including schools), is undisputed. Jonathan Friedland shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Amok locations at schools, as well as large fires (Dusseldorf Airport) including in the follow-up phase, show space marks and arrows attached near the ground (fluorescent) save lives can! For the warfighter, the markings from the outside must be clearly visible, thus is a short-term quick access to each site possible.

For the implementation of the emergency plan have been selected as partner CutX Werbetechnik from Dorsten, as a film technician and innovator, they implement the elaborated AMOK PLAN in practice. A pilot project has been carried out successfully in Gelsenkirchen of a public comprehensive school (Gesamtschule Horst), more projects will follow in the long term. In the future, all safety-relevant building where many people keep up are to be equipped with such a PLAN of AMOK. This could be the occasion, while no rampage to eliminate supply but decisive minutes to save lives!