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November 28, 2020


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Ultrasound prostate and kidney. Apparently, at this first appointment and ends. At the next admission you have to go through the finger prostate examination. It does not need to fear: an experienced doctor will not cause you pain. This study is very informative – it allows us to refine the diagnosis of prostatitis, the severity of the disease.

Feeling the gland (through the anus), the physician not only clarifies for himself what happened to her, but gets her secret, which is studied in the laboratory. Then, with all tests on the hands, the doctor is an individual plan of treatment, which usually includes: * welcome a carefully chosen them an antibiotic (usually a tablet formulations with the spectrum of effects on a wide range of pathogens) * massage of the prostate, allowing release of the prostate from the stagnant of inflammatory masses, to improve its circulation – in other words, ‘animate’ gland; * physiotherapy, normalizing the activities of the prostate and help her cope with the disease (semiconductor laser thermotherapy in local modern unit dosage local hyperthermia, magnetic, etc.) * the elimination of the causes of prostatitis: the revision of life and diet (at the time of treatment are excluded alcohol, hot and spicy dishes) and treatment of opportunistic diseases, particularly diseases of the urogenital area. How to treat prostatitis treatment of prostatitis requires patience and perseverance, as well as time. The course of treatment takes about one month (from 20 to 30 days) in cases involves such things as: * impotence (it occurs, according to various researchers, in a year or three) * stones in the prostate, prostate adenoma * * prostate cancer. How to avoid a similar misfortune (or, if there really prostatitis, to achieve long-term remission)? On this, there are preventive measures. The most important of them: protected sex (mean use of protective equipment – a condom, liquid ‘Miramistin’, etc.) * for detecting one of the sexual responds to cold by inflammation. Fans of baths and saunas should think prezhdechem dive into a cold pool or a refreshing snow.

* Each erection should, if possible, end with sexual intercourse. * Move more * not carried away by spirits, as well as a sharp and salty, * do not be afraid once again consult with your doctor (give it a priceless opportunity to detect early prostate) * treatment of prostatitis, as any other complex chronic diseases, should be comprehensive. Leave the hope of cure ‘for a couple of weeks, “even the strongest, the most fashionable drug. Self prostatitis – lunacy!