Domestic Rabbits

March 25, 2021


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There are many different breeds of domestic rabbits, commonly called dwarf rabbits, including the English Angora, Lionhead, dwarf Hotot, Chinchilla, Dutch, forest, Flemish giant, Himalayan, dwarf Netherlands, Holland Lop, dwarf Lop, silver, Silver Fox, stain English, Continental giant, Havana, Florida white, New Zealand, Rex, Polish, New Jersey Wooly, satin, and Mini Lop. Just as with breeds of dogs, rabbit breeds were bred selectively by humans at different times to get different types of features (such as long, fluffy hair of the angora), however this has caused a large number of problems (including eyes, nose, dental, hip and spine) thus increasing the need for assistance as for example the common development of dental problems from the Holland lop. The character may vary slightly with race and gender, as with any animal. There’s over 47 rabbit breeds recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association in the United States, and there are many breeds of rabbits in the world. The majority of genetic defects in domestic rabbits is due to recessive genes. These genes have been carefully tracked by fans of the breeds that are investigating to analyze the rabbits as breeders dogs.

Carefully review the hips, eyes and potential cardiac problems of rabbit, with the goal of eliminating defects unwanted through selective breeding. Feeding the rabbits home. Domestic rabbits diet mainly consists of hay as main ingredient. Together with the Hay we can find a great variety of herbs and aromatic plants. By contrast, the lawn is a bad choice for feeding. Studies have shown that domestic rabbits are very adaptable to the diets of forage but overfeeding of vegetables and Greens often causes diarrhea, and can lead to many more problems. If we want that our pet is healthy we must follow a strict line of power without thinking that you one thing or another you may like or crave more.