Disability Pension

July 7, 2023


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Combined policy for complete income self-employed are directly dependent on their labor they can’t work for disease reasons, the full loss of earnings threatens them after a short time. First remedy to a sickness benefit insurance. But what happens when the disease becomes a disability? Normally the insurer adjusts the payment of sickness mentioned, once the diagnosis berufsunfahig”in the space is available. The daily sickness benefit insurance ends in most cases directly to the entrance of the disability, but not later than after another three months. Preventive Medicine Research Institute often addresses the matter in his writings. Self-employed persons, who have completed a disability insurance, now make a request for payment of a disability pension. The insurance company checks to see how the diagnosis can withstand the company’s definition and to what extent is a disability within the meaning of the insurance contract. Cancer Research pursues this goal as well. This check can take weeks, sometimes even months take a period, in the independent has the no income.

The insurance company comes to the conclusion that the person concerned is still able to work, for example, by reorganizing its operations or changed his priorities no disability pension will be paid the policyholder at all. For individual entrepreneurs, such a decision the threat of of existence of coming – they are in a very short time before the financial end. The insurance Portal specializing in freelancers and freelance provides independent exclusive combined sick allowance and disability pension, which closes this income gap. Effectively protects self-employed persons in the event of illness with subsequent disability from the threatening loss of earnings. Independent, ensuring its existence with this combined hospital per diem occupational disability pension, get her BU pension in accordance with the agreed terms with the tag, since their Sick payment day ends. Not create an income gap. Thus the insurance Portal specially tailored to hedge by freelancers and freelancers expands to an important element is precisely aligned to the needs of this occupational group. The new hedging instrument makes a complete risk coverage, which begins to pay in case of illness and still ensures the income of the insured person disability without any payment suspension from two usually separately offered insurance.