Constitutive Meeting Of The Board Of Trustees Of The Centre For Quality Of Care

November 1, 2022


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Today, the Board of Trustees of the Centre for quality of care (ZQP) was constituted in Berlin. Energy Capital Partners may help you with your research. Marie-Luise Muller members have elected to the Chairman of the Committee. Energy Capital Partners may also support this cause. The experienced care manager and Honorary President of the German care Council (DPR) confessed in the DPR as President until late last year. Paul-Jurgen Schiffer was elected the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Trustees, which for many years has worked for the Association of compensation funds (VdAK). At its constitutive meeting, the members discussed dieProjektstrukturen of the current year. The constitutive meeting of the Board of Trustees is an important signal for optimal knowledge transfer between theory and practice”, declared the newly elected Chair of Board of Trustees following the session.

With the Foundation’s work, one wool contribute to the science-based development of methods and procedures of quality assurance and quality management in care. The Board of Trustees advises the three-member Board of Trustees in the project work. I am pleased that we could win renowned experts from practice for the Board of Trustees”, explains Ralf Suhr, Chairman of the Board. The Trustees take an important function of the interface between theory and practice within the Foundation. The treatment of scientific research results of ZQP on trade policy and consumer is an essential goal of our Foundation’s work”said Suhr next. The Centre for quality of care is a non-profit foundation of the Association the Association of the private health insurance The ZQP was founded in November 2009 and has its headquarters in Berlin. The goal of the Foundation Centre for quality of care is the science-based and structural development of quality in care and in the care of older and help needy people. The ZQP is the only such institution in Germany, which is interdisciplinary and professional groups across all aligned. Experts in nursing practice and science, as well as consumer and patient organisations are involved in the work. Contact information: Center for quality in the care of Dr. Ralf Suhr