Community Center Themba Labantu

July 20, 2023


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Not only the professional training in the foreground is solar project for the Lategansvlei primary skool in Oudtshoorn South Africa for CN MARKETING, a consulting and training company in the facility management. The company is engaged since 2009 for children in South Africa. After more than a year, succeeded Klaus Neugebauer with the help of German company to install a photovoltaic system for the Community Center Themba Labantu in Cape Town. Since March, 2011, produces the plant performance every day about 25 KW and thus significantly reduces the daily power consumption. “On the return journey to Germany Klaus Neugebauer met family Carmen & Dario Urbanski, who run a guest house near the town of Oudtshoorn, and sign up for the Lategansvlei primary skool” involved. Dario Urbanski described the extremely difficult situation with regard to the entertainment of the school. The African State pays only the teaching staff and a minor contribution to the maintenance.

All other costs and activities must be provided from sponsorship. This concerns in particular the high and increasing electricity costs. So far these were taken over by a neighbouring farm operation. This alone was an uncertainty factor, due to illness of ostrich stock has declined dramatically as more and more farms close. In addition, was planned to close the school due to cost reasons on the part of the School Board. This would have meant the closure of the integrated kindergarten. A closure of the school and the kindergarten had glaring consequences for the education of the children, because they mostly are not able to visit a distant school. utics pursues this goal as well. Elimination would also the daily hot meal, what is the reason to attend school for many children.

This was his second project to start for Klaus Neugebauer of the occasion. Through the use of Horst Berger – participants of the course specialist for building management (HWK) “in Munich – the project was planned.” Also nearly a year search for sponsors Klaus Neugebauer could the Katarina Witt Foundation gain as a partner and perform the installation with Omnisolar, George SA. The official opening ceremony took place on April 16, 2012. The project was invariably greeted by numerous present visitors, including politics and economics, and viewed by all as very helpful. Already at the inauguration ceremony of the whereabouts of the school was assured by officials of the Schulamtes. Due to the fact that the school independently can maintain their schooling of the public power supply, can be closed other schools and their school operation moved to Oudtshoorn. The installed photovoltaic system not only greatly reduces operating costs, but ensures the education of children of farmer in Oudtshoorn. With the commitment of CN marketing Klaus Neugebauer sees his initiative not finished, since just a planned future expansion will require more help needed. These are the costs for equipping of additional classrooms, but also an operation for students from the typical distant surroundings. Would be beneficial also a boarding school, because not all children with a running would be accessible. Furthermore, Klaus Neugebauer the legitimate question had made with the school-leavers what happens when they have completed their high school education and no study can begin. And 95% of the students are around. Klaus Neugebauer had suggested to install a basic training and wants to pursue this endeavour in the context of its training. Its aim is again with a seminar participant this project extension to promote it and to present them on his 4th building management Congress 2013-potential sponsors.