Common Orchid Diseases

May 10, 2018


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A collection of the 4 most common Orchid diseases if you hold orchids, you should always adhere to the recommended care needs of her orchid. Otherwise you risk that by a too intensive to well-intentioned care your Orchid feel uncomfortable and this then with a remain from the flower or shows by discoloration or even in the worst case dies. So you recognize the signs and know what causes have the respective Orchid diseases and how you can treat them here now a collection of four common diseases and ailments of an orchid. 1 water orchids can, like other plants also suffer from lack of water, if you long time not has cast them. This lack of water prevents the orchid can properly grow and thrive.

There is but also the inverted form, namely if you meant it too well with the casting. Then there is often a false growth, which looks not so nice, as you perhaps wanted it. 2. the black patch disease these Disease diseases is one of the most common orchids. It is a disease caused by a fungal infection. There are many reasons for this. Usually the fault but on the light (the Orchid needs enough brightness), the water conditions or the temperature.

For this reason, it is advisable to be careful on a mild and always constant temperature. Also the humidity in the air should be never too high or too low, because that gets as little of the Orchid and diseases leads to orchids. 3. decay unfortunately diseases that are not only not nice look, but the growth and the prosperity of our orchids it often comes to orchids really endangered. Such a problem is the rotting. This is caused by water, which reaches unfavorable intermediaries in the Orchid, for example, between the sheets, and begins to rot there. Often fresh potted to plants are affected, weak plants and orchids, which recently has been cut from sheet parts. You should then disinfect it with sulfur powder. 4. flowers, which stuck at the Orchid diseases, there are sometimes that it relates to the flowers. It is problematic for example, if they get stuck. The cutting of the spathe is advisable here. Thus, it is the flowers easier to find their way into the light, where they can find their own way. You should also question if this problem whether they gave too much water, as this can also cause the problem of getting stuck the flowers. You should be aware General on the topic of pests and sale of orchids especially when you go to buy orchids, the symptoms of the above mentioned diseases and complaints. After all, who wants to buy a sick Orchid soon? Make that especially on a pest infestation, for example by aphids recognizable by small brown or green dots on the handle or on the leaves of the plant. When the infestation even already exists you can see small holes in the leaves of the plant. If this is the case you are looking for another is Florist Shop, because the probability is high that the entire population is already infected and so sick and for you only is overtime and risky.