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March 31, 2017


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More then what it would be this phenomenon? El Nio is an atmospheric-oceanic phenomenon characterized by an abnormal heating of superficial waters in the Tropical Pacific ocean, and that it can affect the regional and global climate, changing the standards of wind the level world-wide, and thus affecting, regimes of rain in tropical regions and average latitudes. (Source CPTEC- Climatic Center of Forecast of Time and Studies.) Another type of drought, normally more rare, is induced when the Tropical Atlantic Ocean to the north of the Equator is hotter, what dumb the atmospheric circulation in the Amaznia, diminishing rains, a time that it has carried from humidity for the trade winds of this ocean to inside of the continent it diminishes. In this in case that, it more dries if in the west and southwest manifest, as it was the case in 1963, 2005 again in 2010. Also she is necessary to differentiate meteorological droughts of hidrolgicas droughts in a draining basin. What we saw in 2010 was drastic hidrolgica drought of the historical register, that isolated varies marginal communities, causing a natural disaster that affected 60 a thousand people more than. The rain deficit also reached some originary tributaries of left edge of the hemisphere north.

The combination of these dunes ' ' waves of seca' ' comings of both the hemispheres it resulted in the lesser outflow registers in the main canal. At the beginning of 1970, studious they had related the glacial periods of the Pleistocene (between 10 a thousand and 1,8 million of years) to the phase of less humid climates in the Amaznia. Only from 1988, with paleolgicas datings (it is the part of micropaleontology that studies the organic microfsseis), of Pleistocene samples, this hypothesis was consolidated. (Source:) Then, if the global heating or the deforestation in the Amaznia to cause a permanent change of the climate, where the average addition of rain in the region diminishes around 10% or 15% and the tempertura increase four degrees, has two things occurring: (…) more than 50% of the Amaznia podera if to become I propitiate to other dry types of the vegetation.