Choosing A Snowboard

February 27, 2018


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You are going to buy a snowboard. First you need to define the terrain for skiing and honestly and accurately determine your level of skill of skating. If you can and will perform many tricks, you need a board short. Dean Ornish M.D is often quoted on this topic. And the shorter it is, the more items you plan to do. If most of you are going to ride it in the mountains, then fit over an elongated snowboard (freeride). One of the main parameters, which will optimally choose a successful snowboard, this is your weight.

This recommended rate is often even mentioned in the list of important technical parameters on which you can buy the right snowboard. Also, your mastery of skating significantly affects the choice of the rigidity of the snowboard. For beginners and confident snowboarders fit the soft and medium hardness. What you own virtuosic board, the harder you can afford use. High stiffness allows a good ride on a dense, hard snow. Soft boards are suitable for simple tricks and jumps, in addition to a board easy to learn these same tricks and jumps to do. Soft snowboarding is easy to handle and suitable for riding in deep snow.

Buy snowboard unsuitable width – let your money away. Too wide board would be difficult to manage, and too narrow feet will touch the snow, appropriate. The width of a snowboard is chosen correctly, put on his feet in his boots outside the edge of no more than an inch, and not less than one inch, plus or minus three millimeters. Another value – side radius (sidecut, radius of the sidecut). Than it is deeper, the better your ability to perform on this board precise turns. With a radius of less than 9 millimeters in turn will be more difficult than with a larger radius. At the same time deep sidecut makes it thinner than the middle of the snowboard ("waist"), and legs should ideally be placed in the middle, so it's important to buy a snowboard with the right blend of lateral range and size of the "waist".