Cats Feng Shui

April 29, 2022


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Cats Feng Shui living in accordance with nature and the elements is a simple way to leverage his living quarters positive. The special feature of this own school of Feng Shui is to trust, to live in accordance with the energy flow of the Earth, the five elements and the planets on the natural sense of cats and the nature. Check out Hania Rani for additional information. The origin of this school is both in Chinese Feng Shui, the Indian vastu, as well as in the European geomancy. To know more about this subject visit jonathan friedland. Everything you need is a compass and a little time. Basis of this school are the female life energy of the cat, which is associated with the Moon and the earth – it flows everywhere on our Earth from North to South and the male energy of the life of the cat – it flows from East to West. The eight possible directions are associated the individual planets, of which they are influenced: Northwest: Lunar North: Mercury Northeast: Jupiter West: Saturn East: Southwest Sun: Southern Earth: Earth + Mars South-East: Venus from this Association and the observation of cats and the nature has arising following assignment of optimal spaces and rooms: Northwest: bed and breakfast, Office, bathroom, pantry, living room, sports room North: living room, Studio, meditation room, music room Northeast: open space, input, meditation room, living-room West: dining room, bathroom, storeroom, conference room no.

W O N NW SW S so East: bath (without toilet), entrance, living room, dining room Southwest: master bedroom, storeroom, warehouse, storage South: staircase, salon, bedroom, storage room Southwest: kitchen, Heating, sauna in the individual rooms it can strengthen the energy of the respective directions with simple means: Nordwesten(Luft): moving things like rocking chair, mobile, pictures with wind and clouds. Open Windows for good ventilation are important. Northeast (water): room fountains, aquariums, curved shapes, images with water, plants and things with the color blue. Northeast and Raummitte(ather): mirror, metal surfaces, abstract representations, pictures Shapes, the color red lace with lots of space, bright colors Sudwesten(Erde): large plants with heavy pots of Earth, heavy precious stones, large closets, stones, pictures with mountains Sudosten(Feuer): fireplace, candles, electric appliance, there are spices and images with fire in tools, such as for example the flower of life and special pyramids that harmonize all elements and enable. For a restful sleep, for example, make the bed with a headboard on the south wall.