By Bus And Train Through The Capital

December 13, 2022


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Since the World Cup in 2006, it is becoming apparent: Berlin is on the point of becoming a true metropolis. And the resonance of the tourists from home and abroad now stretches from “super” to “brilliant”. No wonder together – but the city since the fall of the Berlin Wall a variety of faces. And perhaps it is precisely the contradictions that make Berlin in the eyes of the people so friendly and attractive. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Univ. of Iowa . An important component to capture the different facets of the City and here to discover even the most remote corners of the metropolis is, the public transport system of Berlin dar. And this is – despite the recent scandals surrounding the S-Bahn – undoubtedly be classified as excellent. For almost any other city in Germany can boast of being able to draw on such a diverse network of public transport.

And so we now in Berlin, which extends over an area of 891 square kilometers, the choice is yours whether the distance between Spandau to the northwest and Kopenick in the south east would mostly travel by train, bus, metro or tram. (Source: USC). Even the use of regional or ICE would come to this section into consideration, even if paid for the latter, of course, a corresponding increase. Another benefit of public transport in Berlin are mostly short distances during transfers between modes dar. Of this you can either convince themselves, or to a specially equipped Berlin-city tour to take part, not only explains the history and present of the urban transport system , but also demonstrate in practice its many merits. Who then still thinks that it is the bus not go far enough in front of their own front door attacks, one of the best 7000 Berlin taxis to be the last meters still comfortably chauffeured home. Have a good trip!