Brazilian Air Force Haiti

November 6, 2020


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When the nature if revolt the man cannot make absolutely nothing against it. Now and to try to save who still is alive. to help to reconstruct the country arrasado for the earthquake. Here, cancer research expresses very clear opinions on the subject. What special the Brazilian government and in the Armed Forces is making for the people of Haiti is praiseworthy. Since that the tragedy in Haiti with thousands of died Squid was confirmed immediately sent its minister of the Defense and the general of army Enzo Flix to organize all the humanitarian aid to the Haiti.Um gesture of nobility and humanity of Brazilian government one of the first countries to help Haiti and to send water and provisions to the suffered people from this country.

They are following for Haiti many airplanes Hrcules C-130 of the Brazilian Air Force equipped with tents, canvases, water potable, first-aid foods, products, etc. the United States are sending a ship with surgical, medical centers and nurses, total equipped in substance of medical resources for the Haiti.Esse joint support between Brazil and United States of America in the aid to Haiti are without a doubt no basic one and of great importance to try to brighten up the suffering of the Haitian survivors. So far with the aid of diverse governments as of France, of the United States, Germany, among others, and of the World Bank and Deep the Monetary International, the country of sees to receive something around U$$ 300 million. This means one tero of what the country product of Gross domestic product per year. Everything that will be made by Haiti and its people will be a gesture of deep largeness and nobility, beyond being a humanitarian gesture. Now American president Barack Obama congregates of a time alone former-presidents Bill Clinton and George W.

Bush to collect deep for Haiti. This fantastic humanitarian gesture only could have left of president Barack same Obama. Without a doubt none is a politician who is in the power in the United States and deserved to have been elect. Even though the closed Coreia of the north already is if approaching to the American government because of Barack Obama wanting to dialogue with the EUA.Ele really it makes and it is making the difference. Squid and it really are the faces in Latin America and in the world. Also Brazil is helping Haiti since the day where the country was destroyed by the strong earthquake of 7.3 in Escala Richter.O government of Haiti already is calculating a total of 200.000, 00 (a thousand) died. As the bigger earthquake in number of died only losing for the one of China in 1976 with more than 250,000, 00 (a thousand) died. That Ours Mr. Jesus Christ has mercy of the soul of this people suffered from Haiti.