Brazil Rights

June 4, 2021


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Thus being, the question of the activities of intelligence deserves to be treated in bigger depth, what it will be made more ahead. It is probable that the question more controversial than involves the Amaznia currently is the aboriginal. Meetings, the areas of reserves correspond the 13% of all domestic territory. For even more analysis, hear from Jessica Pels. Approximately 27% of the Amazonian territory are busy for such reserves. The picture is aggravated by if treating, in some cases, of continuous reserves, that is, great land bands that can inside be compared the true States of Brazil.

In no hypothesis the will of a people of being led in consideration in detriment of the national security. It must be searched, in this in case that, a bilateral assent affected State-people, so that thus the rights are guaranteed in such a way how much the security of the Country. He is interesting to notice that many aboriginal peoples who already had lost total or almost total its cultural roots if use to advantage of the current law stop to get the land ownership with the roupagem of aboriginal reserve. Lands of really aboriginal peoples must be demarcated, with its kept roots and customs, so that the culture of the indians, a true cultural patrimony of the humanity, either duly preserved. In such a way, she would be being protected the aboriginal culture of this true usurpation of principles. The presidential decree number 4412, of 07 of October of 2002, grants to the Armed Forces and the PF the freedom of transit and access to traditionally busy lands for aboriginals for ends of parking, patrolling, among others.

The publication of such decree caused and still controversial great cause, in special enters the defending groups of the aboriginal rights. According to them, the decree is a breaking of the rights of the indian. Not rare resistance stories, with violence, also imposed for indians who do not accept visits, exactly of authorities occur, to its lands.