July 12, 2022


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Marketing web shop by uphoff pr & marketing in the top five at the EMIT award 2010 Marburg, March 14, 2010. Fast and cheap: the marketing-web shop Marburger ideas can uphoff pr & marketing create individual and stylish materials for a professional outdoor dental experts with only a few mouse clicks. At this year’s EMIT award, had a top-five hit the web-to-print system now and making it one of the best five webshop innovations in Germany. The EMIT award is awarded annually by the Institute of shipping trade innovation and this year the theme was make e-shopping simple. The jury reviewed the submitted products, for example in terms of innovation and its use effect.

Especially was it, how easy is designed by shopping on the Internet in the respective shops. Display, business paper, bonus cards, patient magazine, business card, appointment block, giveaway or press releases on various topics: find dental experts in the marketing web shop by Uphoff pr & marketing high-quality materials, quickly and easily customize the let. The jury of the EMIT awards was excited and decided therefore to a special ceremony outside the regular categories: the IT innovation received a certificate for this trend-setting business model by uphoff pr & marketing and was explicitly mentioned in the speech at the award ceremony. Interested users can get an impression of the web-to-print system of the Marburg company under or More Branchenshops to follow.