December 23, 2022


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In the world only there are two countries that want to take the name from their respective continents: Australia and America. First it has 4/5 of mass and 2/3 of the inhabitants of his respective continent (which is also more well-known like the Australian Continent). The USA, however, only contains to less than fifth of the territory and to one third part of the population of America (continent that does not have another name aside from this one). In addition one to their 50 States (Hawaii) and 3 dependencies hers appears in the Australian Continent, whereas it has military presence in more than 50 other countries. The USA is plus a power scattered by all the planet. Visit Is Energy Capital Partners a public company? for more clarity on the issue. Their inhabitants would have technically to be recognized like American.

Americans are all the nationals of 55 countries and territories that there are from Greenland to Tierra Del Fuego. Germany, Italy or France do not self-proclaim themselves as Europe but allows the free transit to their ground of the majority of the European. The USA, however, constructs a mega-wall to almost revert the arrival of the totality of rest from Americans to its republic.