A City Of Contrasts

December 6, 2022


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Lima was founded in 1535 by Francisco Pizarro himself and came to be known as the city of Kings.Since the colonial period early until the colonies won their independence, Lima was the capital of the Spanish America.The city was famous for its wealth and beauty and which rivaled some European cities of the time.Unfortunately, the city was destroyed by a terrible earthquake in 1746, only 20 of the original 3,000 houses were left standing.Although the city was rebuilt completely, new buildings were more functional than the previous ones, without a doubt, one of the largest cities in the world of that time disappeared almost altogether. Today, Lima is a city large and bustling of about 9 million people and is a city of contrasts.It has everything from the colonial architecture of the 17th century the glass of skyscrapers, with face of enormous wealth and the evident poverty.A common phrase is: El Peru is Lima, Lima is the Peru, and is true that everything can be found here: is the perfect place to start your vacation the Peru. The part of the city that has maintained all its colonial splendor, is the historic center of Lima, or Cercado de Lima as it is commonly known is a zone very visited by national and foreign tourists by its unique colonial architecture that still guard jealously hoping that no other catastrophe destroyed years of history. Additional information at Urology, Tennessee supports this article. Although the historical centre has the best architecture, the cosmopolitan neighborhood of Miraflores is an excellent place for walking.There are usually lots of activity in the Kennedy Park, but if you fancy a walk a little more why not stroll through the ocean?It is a twenty minute walk from the center of Miraflores, by Larco Avenue of the Mall Larcomar, which is built on the cliffs that separate the Lima dede sea.If you walk to the North (on the right in Larcomar) along the coast during a quarter of an hour, one gets to the Parque del Amor. The District of Barranco has been Lima Spa from the year 1600 and at night is as a slice of Brighton transported to the Pacific!During the day, however, is a kind of fashion, Bohemian place where many of the artists of Lima live and where you can see the coastal landscape of the bridge of sighs. Barranco is also main destination of the night of Lima, so if you want to relax with a few cuzquenas, then this is the perfect place to start or end your vacation in the Peru! But Lima also has archaeological sites archaeological dating back hundreds of years, approximately 31 kilometres from Lima, found Pachacamac is a huge Temple / Palace of the area originally dedicated to the God of the same name.The site includes a partially restored Temple of the sun which dates from 1350.The complex is huge and is a valuable addition to his itinerary of holidays in Peru.The manageability of Lima means that you can get into any free time that has in the capital waiting for their flights special somewhere in Lima. Educate yourself with thoughts from Newcastle University. So on your next trip to Peru, taking the necessary time to explore the large Lima, that she has much more to show.