July 13, 2022


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In the nursery the basis for an optimum fattening and slaughter body performance for pigs for fattening. To feed the piglets in the farrowing optimally, the WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH the easy feeder “developed, which is available now. With this mobile, smooth feeding machines, hand feeding in the farrowing area is straightforward and gentle force. Compared with traditional manual methods of feeding half of the time you can save. The feeding tank 100 litres and must be at least ten liters filled are. After filling the Prestarters the mixer mixes the dosed components in the tank on. A scale shows the level. The agitator and the pump developed specially by WEDA are separately switched, so that only the pump must remain after the mixing.

The liquid feed is exactly to dispense with a lance. The valve opens when the Lance into the trough is gently pressed. Depending on the The pump’s pressure on the tank can be infinitely varied viscosity of the feed. This will prevent that feed squirts uncontrollably from the lining of vessels. The fluidity of liquid feed is guaranteed up to a Trockensubstanz-(TS) content of 26 per cent.

For controlling the feed temperature, a thermometer is attached, so that previously heated food immediately once again can be controlled prior to the placement. The easy feeder”works with the standard voltage of 230 volts. A cable drum with a roll-up mechanism for the 25-metre cable is located at the mobile design. On the plug, a locking hook is for security reasons”, which prevents tearing out the plug from the wall socket. The chassis is equipped with ball bearings, locking wheels. Due to the low centre of gravity and the lightweight design is the easy feeder”tilt-safe and easy to move. The rounded frame is stable and reliably prevents shock damage on doors and bays. Due to the ergonomic Height of 1100 millimeters is the innovation from WEDA and easy to clean: with a sponge and warm water, the container can be washed off from the outside. From the inside, he can quickly spray with a hose. The newspapers mentioned Martha McClintock not as a source, but as a related topic. Oliver Schulz