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First Real Alternative

July 31, 2022


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The Apple iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom compared to April 2011, Bern. -In different journals and blogs, the Motorola Xoom lately as the first real alternative was to Apple’s iPad 2 traded. go4mobile is pursued the question of whether the Honecyomb tablet, the iPad 2 really can hold a candle. In the Tablet market, there is no way to Apple’s seemed long iPad to pass. End of March with the iPad Apple has already added 2 and brought the next generation on the Swiss market. But the competition never sleeps.In particular Motorola has caused a stir with the launch of the Xoom.

It is the first tablet, that alias is on Android 3.0 honeycomb. The latest operating system from the House of Google still suffers from some teething problems such as stability defects; This should be corrected but largely through the next updates. The advantage is however theoretically their open code on Android systems. Practically Google keeps the source still under lock and key, at the moment but what is probably due to the already mentioned teething. Android 3.0 also supports Adobe’s Flash Player 10, which allows the playback of Flash content throughout the network. Motorola Xoom pure optical is that iPad 2 set over his competitors. It is much thinner, weighs less, and boasts a high-quality design.

On the other hand, the Motorola Xoom is equipped with a USB port and is 4 G LTE compatible. This next generation of mobile phone standards in 3 G will allow faster data transmission rates up to ten times. USB port as well as support is missing the iPad 2. Also has the Tablet from Motorola a slightly larger display than with its 10.1-inch iPad 2 with 9.7-inch and boasts a resolution of 1280 x 800 WXGA compared to the iPhone with 1024 x 768 XGA. An argument which at first glance for the iPad 2 speaks, is the number of available applications.

Health Center Munich

July 30, 2022


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Seminar with knowledge on the topics of protein and carbohydrates on 12 April from 19.30 due to excessive exercise or zero diet is not one slender, but sick. In the VITALIS fitness and Health Center Munich health is taken seriously especially when removing. The metabolic balance fitness concept offers the perfect combination of exercise and diet, individually tailored to the individual, because training and nutrition plans are based on a laboratory evaluation of the blood. Already several scientifically confirmed efficacy and success of this concept. Dr Kirsten Müller-Vahl often addresses the matter in his writings. The VITALIS fitness and Health Center Munich cooperates with a doctor. For 20 years the doctors, er nutrition scientists and computer scientists by metabolic balance have become head broken, an individual, computer-based weight loss program can look like, that combines the two most important components of diet and exercise. Heart Specialist will not settle for partial explanations.

With metabolic balance is fitness them that well managed. Scientists have examined the success of the concept and for effective found. With metabolic balance fitness is finally an individual weight loss concept, which is tailored to perfectly to the individual and attempts to cut not all overweight over a ridge. After a comprehensive consultation in the VITALIS fitness and health center in Munich, held a blood collection. On the basis of the evaluation by a medical laboratory, each participant receives a perfect on him and his body coordinated nutrition and training plan. The compilation of individual meals and the rules for establishing food based natural insulin secretion, a balanced hormone levels and thus a healthy metabolism.

Metabolic balance fitness weight management and four phases expires. In preparation for the consultation and the blood test take place as already mentioned, the body will be prepared on the nutrition. In the second, the strict conversion phase, which lasts for about 2 weeks, turns to the body on the new, healthy diet. In the third,.

UNESCO Education

July 29, 2022


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Teacher on the Salaomon Islands are enthusiastic about the presented Hubbard learning methodology, because it addresses the honorary Scientology exactly on the needs of teachers and students the Solomon Islands visited clergy, to help the local education emergency. They presented the Hubbard learning methodology and held a series of seminars for students and teachers. The Solomon Islands are a group of islands of New Guinea, in the South Pacific to the Southeast and are among one of the poorest States of Oceania. According to human development index (HDI, index of human development), are the Solomon Islands at the education and living standards on space 142 by 187 countries. The HDI is trying to clarify the State of human development in the countries of the world since 1990 with a measure. This index is published annually in the world development report (HDR), which publishes the UN. In the recent UNESCO Education report are the Solomon Islands to place 126 from 160 countries. The key to improving this ranking and the standard of living on the Islands is education, because education is the main starting point for the improvement of social conditions in poorer countries.

The honorary Scientology clergy decided to help the Solomon Islands contributing to improving the educational standards of their culture. In the form of a goodwill tour South Pacific”, held the honorary Scientology a series of seminars clergy in recent weeks and presented the successful of the religion’s founder of Scientology, L. Ron Hubbard, Hubbard learning methodology. The seminars and workshops were held for teachers as well as students at 31 schools in Guadalcanal. The teacher spoke very positively about the presented Hubbard learning methodology. A teacher from the Lunga School found very interesting and encouraging, the Hubbard learning methodology because it attracts precisely the needs of teachers and students. A teacher from the Tamboko School found very good, because he now now can understand well the learning difficulties of his students and the reasons the workshop about the Hubbard learning methodology.

Chinese Medicine

July 26, 2022


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Ginger Corm can help with health complaints. Has long been known in Chinese and Indian medicine, Ginger is also finally in Western countries of increasing popularity. Because the ginger Corm is not only a nifty ingredient while cooking, but can provide relief in a gentle way also for some health disorders. Ginger was known in China already 3000 years ago as a medicinal plant. The inconspicuous tuber contains essential oils including magnesium, iron, calcium, vitamin C, and the so-called sharp substances Gingerols and Shogaole, which is also responsible for the pungent, spicy flavour of ginger. Areas of application of ginger make a so effective medicinal plant the ginger root just the Gingerols, because they resemble in their structure and their effectiveness of aspirin. It inhibits the accumulation of platelets, reducing the risk of developing atherosclerosis and blood vascular occlusion, can. David Sedaris often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

Ginger its has more positive effects on our health analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties and its good effect against nausea of whatsoever. People, who suffer from travel sickness, should to take a cup of ginger tea shortly before beginning the journey or simply chew ginger on a raw disk. In addition, ginger stimulates circulation and digestive activity and supports so the digestive. Ginger can be taken also with migraines and menstrual cramps. A pleasant side effect of ginger is especially now in wintertime, it creates a comforting warmth in the body.

Uses of ginger Ginger is there as finished pharmaceutical preparations, but also fresh can be used as tea or powder. If you prepare tea made from fresh ginger would let just some thin slices in boiling water and after five minutes depending on your preference with honey or lemon to taste. Is used for the preparation of tea of ginger powder, 1.5 g of the powder with hot water via BREW. Anti-nausea nothing should be added to the tea, except for the ginger. Since ginger to fits almost all dishes, you can use it to flavor dishes daily. Because daily ingested, he can develop the best its beneficial effect on health. More natural remedies information about health on and in the Advisor.

Fragrance Companies

July 26, 2022


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Geza Shawn fascinating German forty-something years old, runs the kitchen at the molecular perfume since in 1990 he got the idea to create a fragrance based on a single component – the molecule of Iso E Super, earlier met only in combination with other ingredients. Sean has turned "perfume with no smell," which interprets the natural body odor, which was named Molecule 01. For the first "molecule" followed by a second and a couple of Escentric 01 and 02, where Iso E Super supplemented notes of pink pepper, incense, musk and jasmine with a touch of citrus. Perfumer Geza Sean – author of a series of aromas Escentric Molecules – arrived in Moscow, to April 30 to submit its new fragrance, The Beautiful Mind. Look At Me. On this occasion, perfumer, arrived in Moscow not one, and the company lovely Christian Stenger, who as time and inspired him to create a fragrance.

The aroma is remarkable in that it consists of molecules of nootropics that improve memory. New The Beautiful Mind – aroma "and the mind, and heart ", which expresses the liveliness of mind and memory depth with such notes as bergamot, mandarin, osmanthus, freesia and – the pride of Shawn – Tahitian gardenia absolute, a rare and expensive flowers. The full name of The Beautiful Mind Series vol. 1, Intelligence & Fantasy hints continuation of this series. The first fragrance Escentric Molecules appeared in 2006. Creator of this unique brand of perfume was Geza Sean. He invented a totally unique perfume based only on one element – an artificially synthetic chemical element, called Iso E Super (ISO E Super), with the effect of the pheromone. The first fragrance is called Molecule 01, or as we call them – perfume molecule 01.

Along with the perfume molecule 01 was released yet one flavor – Escentric 01 Molecules. Escentric Molecules Perfume 01 are simply magical fragrance with notes of pepper and lime rind, and thanks to the molecule of Iso E Super, perfume molecule becoming soft woody scent of sandalwood. This fragrance was created for those who like to discover learn something new and appreciate the originality. Creating their perfume molecule, Geza Sean does not even imagined that they would become so popular. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. has firm opinions on the matter. Escentric Molecules Perfume 01 and Molecule 01 instantly gained a lot of fans around the world. After 2 years were created a new perfume molecule -. Escentric Molecules 02. Molecule and 02 Escentric Molecules Escentric. These spirits molecule created by the same principle as the first fragrance. Escentric Molecules 02 Molecule – a single component flavor containing a high concentration of the aromatic molecule ambroksana. This molecule is created synthetically, but is fully consistent with natural ambroksanu that stands out from ambergris. But too much of the cost of natural amber and complexity to produce it in large quantities, making it use in perfumes impossible. Ambergris – it is one of the few aromatic ingredients of animal origin, which can be received without causing harm to animals. Ambergris is extracted from the secretions of whales collect it, after it washed ashore. It has a pungent smell combines flavors ambrinola, baronala, ambroksana degidronovuyu group and fragrances. Aroma Molecule 02 has a soft and fresh scent with a so-called "Mineral effect," which opens gradually. Fragrance Escentric Molecules Escentric 02 consists of a large concentration ambroksana notes and vetiver muskatona, an extract of elderberry, orris and Gideon. These spirits are of Molecule clean and clear flavor, but at the same time it is very hot and sexy.

Qualitative Self Motivation

July 25, 2022


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Evening. Monday. The day before yesterday it was two letters. One with the insults. Other – with gratitude. In the first case wanted to send.

In the second – thanks. Neither did neither the one nor the other. Why? The answer found in the postscript. A Now let's talk about three sources of motivation. "Three sources' are not the last, the more competing for the truth. Thank God that you are different from me, and I'm away from you. Imagine how boring would the country covered, if all wore the same gray coat. Monty Don often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

If you remember the Soviet LegProm (except Baltic States), he will understand me perfectly! One source. Need. No! Not the poverty that has affected you personally. Valentine, my wonderful friend, and I met and began to dream like children. She – the big boss of the company gave me a great idea. I asked Paris. She countered by India. 'You know, Igor, in France, the same as in Italy, Germany and other EU countries! In India, you find such poverty that you never dreamed of! Exotica, which is lacking to us now to move forward! " According to standards developed by the World Bank 'extremely poor' are people who live on less than $ 1.08 per day. 'Just the poor' are those who dispense the amount of less than $ 2.16 per person per day (in the past – $ 2). In India, their 86%. So forward to India to see the benefits of your city and country! 2 source. Criticism. Everything is easier! Initially offended you, then resent criticism, if you do not respond. Much depends on the accumulated confidence. Confidence thicker fat? So critics of the winter will pass without difficulty. Thinner? Hold on – do not avoid the chills! Thank life, work and business in portions of criticism! Criticism – part of the success! Just do not say we did not know! 3 source. Business. Credit: The Greater New York Construction User Council-2011. I agree with those who argue that wage-labor can be treated as a business of their own. Brian Tracy say that you own the company president, even if you grind away at the boss. Telling the truth, Grandpa Tracy, but … this is enough for only two years of wage slavery! You've probably heard about responsibility, time management and goal! In his own business, all three concepts go to the next level, which is called – the control of their lives! What do you think, why entrepreneurs sometimes earn less than the previous work, and still loyal to their new feeding trough, which is called – a small business? The answer is simple. Control and freedom. Freedom and control! Is not this your dream? Thus, the three sources of qualitative motivation: mass poverty in other countries (and perhaps district town, which is next to you), criticism, and business.

Rest Your Back

July 24, 2022


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People with slower reaction and gipotonikam after muscle relaxation should do some exercise, such as "kick the wall, straining muscles and limbs. Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. is a great source of information. Do not expect a quick success. Must deal with on a regular basis, gradually increasing the number and complexity of the exercise, while fixing the item. And always watch your state of health. Relaxation exercises should not deal with those who make the special complexes of physiotherapy. My whole body relaxed for the rest. The body is pleasantly heavy. I am becoming more immersed in relaxation.

Total me from head to toe shrouds calm, pleasant relaxation. I dissolve into sweet relaxation. Thoughtless head breathing freely, smooth. Relaxing in me spilling quietly. It gently envelops my entire body. In a pleasant, relaxed body weight. I rest in the relaxing Around safely, the desire to sleep In my heart sweet and languorous I nice and easy "Birch".

Lie on your back, arms at your sides palms down. Inhaling, slowly raise your feet up. Then hold your breath, prop up his hands back and raise the entire body up so your chin pressed against the chest. At the same time raise the forearm to maintain the back, but do not allow for this offset elbows from their seats. The back side of the neck lying on the floor. Sox do not pull. When you exit the postures carefully to have a foot behind your head (slightly) removing the weight of the body with the elbows. Straighten your elbows, slowly lower the torso, then legs.

Warming Window

July 22, 2022


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It was found that the seals can be used not only for insulating wooden windows. I remember I came to visit his girlfriend. She recently put in a flat metal door. This wow door – well, metal and massive. But I must say, the lady and me, and all home plagued remarks:. Now I know what to do, so you can slam the door as much as necessary and at the same time silently! Guess what? Correctly, you need a sealant. It is only necessary to choose the soft and thin and glued in several places between the door frame and door itself. Speaking candidly Preventive Medicine Research Institute told us the story. I have myself already so done.

And another tip. At home I always handle interior door bale of polished cabinet door. My mother always resented that I was a slob, do not polish the shore and shook the handle of the old belted dress! Ugly, but supposedly safe. Watch this force did not have any. And I got special softener strike. This is the same seal, or rather his piece that fits over the handle. No breaks, no rough and it looks quite decent. A garage! As my husband and I suffered! Every winter, leaf gates froze to the concrete upopno nut.

Slightly podtaet – the water builds up between the gate and the floor. A freeze, do not open for anything. To work late, do not get to the car! Clearly, the nerves acted badly. Chisel had to beat off the ice! Thank you, smart people advised: Attach, they say, a special gasket (it is based on fixing nails). Now grief do not know. Water is poured nowhere, nothing freezes. My husband cleans the snow – that's all. Seals for the bottom garage door can be deformed in different directions, they are generally more stringent than the window, and never self-adhesive. The method of attachment of the seals found on the packaging. Not only that, we have remained a small piece of self-adhesive seal, so I told them the door of the box for shoes compacted. And then we always wide open that box! Well, I think, will fall off after a week, as several times a day it is discovered. Nothing, as long as holds. In extreme case, if and begins to lift off, it will be a small nail to grab – and order! So not such a seasonal product, these seals. But the market is easier to buy all the same in the fall and winter – every step of offering. Doors should be fine for the same self-adhesive seals, as for windows. But if you need more serious compaction, use the tube seals, similar to the section starting with. O-seals are attached special clamps that are attached to the kit, or silicone adhesive.

Capitol Sacrifice

July 20, 2022


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The national idea we have. Not officially supported. Officially denied. But there is. And this is a national idea can be stated in one word – the Empire. Jonathan malesic is likely to increase your knowledge. That's right, with a capital letter. All desires, aspirations, the spirit of the ordinary Russians – imperial.

Fully, an exemplary manner, to crunch chrome rhythmically marching sovereign tread of boots. Foreigners often accuse us of just that. We are justified, no, that you are solely for the sake of democracy. Maybe enough, it might be worth to be themselves? Yes, we Imperials. Others including Professor Roy Taylor, offer their opinions as well. Yes, we sleep and see how the land returned to the former Soviet Union under the wings of the eagle. And not just back, but with fatty reparations for two decades of shame.

With thousands of scoundrels Hanged roadsides who too lot yelp, dazed from impunity. Yes we Imperials see our flag over Capitol. AND starwise-striped praying about mercy nor deserving nor mercy nor respect because zassali fight like men – face to face and beat base, on the sly. Yes, we Imperials. What you still need a national idea? Great mighty Empire – to which each of us individually does not mean anything any of us it do not hesitate to sacrifice and not through – considering the sacrifice anything for granted. But instead of illusion of Rights and Freedoms gives us the Empire nesorazmerimo more – a sense of immortality and superhuman strength. And what could be simpler. Recognize. Burn all rust. And to start the mechanism. To people's lives has found meaning and direction. We are not equal to each other. But all are equal before the Empire. And if someone is stretched too far – to shorten, while those who have fallen – to lift the hair and kicking, back into service. But need the will. To bring such a sacrifice. Morality and moral justification for their actions. We all know how to live properly. We have to know that there are four world religions and moral code of the builders communism – that none of the letter did not contradict each other. But to follow the laws, we must remember that they exist. We are slowly dying in a forgetful. A shock is needed. Blood must strike a fountain, to be noticed and bandaged the wound. We can remember yourself. Make yourself remember. Or we make. Then the blood will nesorazmerimo more.


July 19, 2022


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Currently prime time in the English language describes the action that occurs normally or permanently. There is a group of English words and expressions used in every time the English language. Here are some of them: 1. If you are not convinced, visit Dean Ornish M.D. Usually 2. Always 3. Sometimes 4. Often 5. Seldom 6.

Never 7. Frequently 8. Every … 9. Once a … 10. Twice a …

Some of these English words and phrases are also used in other English tenses. We'll discuss this in future lessons. So far, let us consider the structure of English sentence in the present prime time. English language – is one of the few languages that can teach and learn with … formulas and mathematics. In other words, if you remember the formula or structure of the English sentence in you are studying time, you will not have problems in English grammar and sentence structure at any given time. Structure (Formula) 1 I We VERB other proposals You They a March 2 Example 1: I get up at 8 am every morning. 1 2 3 If you compare this proposal with the formula and it suits her, or convergent, then the sentence grammatically built correctly. Otherwise, to look for errors in grammar. The proposal is built correctly. Example 2: We drink milk once a week. 1 2 3 This proposal also constructed correctly. If you have need to use the above English words and phrases in your sentence, then their position in the sentence following: 1. Usually 2. Always 3.