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London Metropolitan Police

June 27, 2021


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Scotland Yard has arrested 768 people by acts of violence, disorder and looting since Saturday. There are also a couple of arrested for inciting violence from social networks. And there will be more arrests, since the Metropolitan Police has posted more photos on Flickr with looters face taken thanks to street surveillance cameras and that they themselves hang on Twitter or Facebook. Cameron blamed the improvement of the situation in London to the greatest number of agents on the street and said that the police, if needed, could resort to water cannons and rubber bullets to disperse the riots, something that had been used so far in Northern Ireland in United Kingdom only. In London on Monday night was the most violent, especially in the districts of Croydon (South), where burned buildings as a carpet shop that operated from 1867, and Enfield (North), where burned a Sony store. Alicia Tate-Nadeau may also support this cause.

In Croydon, a 26-year-old man suffered gunshot wounds that caused you the deaths, becoming the first fatality of this wave of unrest. Against the police street violence is generally directed against the police and starring young people around 20 years and even children, as evidenced by photographs of suspects who reported the London Metropolitan Police. Before the generated alarm among the population, Cameron wanted to reassure Britons by ensuring that the Executive will not allow that a culture of fear prevails in United Kingdom. The current wave of street violence has been the worst and best of United Kingdom, said Cameron in allusion to criminals that cause it and those who have joined against it. The j of the Government, forced to cut short its summer break to lead the response to the crisis, said that the country needed a response to this nasty wave of violence and that since the Government has responded firmly. Nearly a week of violence the wave of vandalism is started on Saturday in the humble neighborhood of Tottenham, North London, and acquired unexpected proportions in subsequent days, as acknowledged by the own Cameron, who said that the authorities face a new challenge. The trigger was a small peaceful protest March over the death of a young man to police firing, day 4 of August, that has given rise to a succession of riots throughout the country. That man, Mark Duggan, 29 years old, was in a taxi when he was hit by bullets from the police in an event in which finally demonstrated that he never fired a weapon. Source of the news: David Cameron promises more “forceful” to tackle street violence in United Kingdom

The Vehicle

June 25, 2021


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The European manufacturers thought that it was the rightest idea to make his elevators. The electrical elevators or elevating of screw, are made up of a fixed structure, divided in two functions first it fulfills of guide so that at any moment the movements you are correct, and the second in charge one in exerting the movement of ascent or reduction by means of an electrical motor of great power and consumption that drives in turn form an endless screw normally installed in a unique column, and that is simultaneously and by means of a distribution composed by two pinions in his part inferior and a chain, it obtains that the synchronous movement in the second column is repeated. This technique takes implemented during many years in all the European elevators, offering a positive aspect and different negative aspects. Positive: The positive part of this, is the security, normally, is very difficult that anywhere of the route, the movable parts can fail bringing about a fall of the vehicle thanks to the fact that this guidance by both columns and simultaneously located on their endless screw in any point of all the route. me improvement. The possibilities that a day fails and divides a screw endless are very low, being majors others like a breakage in the parts that support the weight of the vehicle. Negative: – Great consumptions of current: All the movement of ascent and reduction, takes place by means of movements divided by screws, pinions and chains.

This causes that it requires of great tips of as much coreign in ascent or reduction. This he is one of the reasons of because these elevators they commercialized with three-phase motors 380v/400v and even so they did not obtain develop concerted efforts. When these were tried to trasformar to single-phase motors 220v, they did not work in all his assignments, mainly if the vehicle were something heavy, and the ascent of the race paused anywhere, soon did not have force for you resume a new ascent, forcing to descend the vehicle until the ground and being begun a new ascent.

Integral Attendance

June 17, 2021


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Its performance in the area of the Health was sufficiently satisfactory, therefore the registered in cadastre families had shown to development and cooperation with the professionals of the area participating of all the events. In the education its objectives how much to the maintenance and the assiduity of the children in the school and some specific ones had been reached keeping a superior income to the previous one of the program. In the Social Action it was the field of performance where the program showed resulted evidentes, therefore showed the integration of the participant society of the program with the other classrooms, the development of the human being how much person, as well as the factor consumption that after improved in significant way the implantation it program. Historical standards: Comparing the Program Stock market Family of the period of implementation until the current days one perceives that the program comes each time benefiting the population that really needs the aid of the program. Unhappyly I did not have the chance of information that could clarify this standard. Normative standards: Comparing the Program Stock market Family with Service of Protection and Integral Attendance with the Family? PAIF consists of the social work with families, of continued character, with the purpose to fortify the protetiva function of the families, to previnir the rupture of its bonds, to promote its access and fruition of rights and to contribute in the improvement of its quality of life.

It foresees the development of potentialities and acquisitions of the families and the reinforcement of familiar and communitarian bonds, by means of action of preventive character, protetivo and proactive. The PAIF is based on the respect to the heterogeneidade of the familiar arrangements, to the values, beliefs and identities of the families. It is based on the reinforcement of the culture of the dialogue, on the combat to all the forms of violence, preconception, discrimination and estigmatizao in the familiar relations.

For Petrini

June 16, 2021


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Without future perspective, without income and, seeing the children passing necessities, Maria started to frequent daily the center of the city of Recife to ask for almses – in the company of the three small children, Saulo (7 years), Eduardo (2 years) and Renata (1 year) – as sustenance form. Months later, Maria knew Peter, in a party in the house of its mother, and was to live with it one week later, remaining until today. If you are not convinced, visit sam. This dealing age of drugs. At the time, it liveed in Olinda, where it left run away, therefore he was being looked for the dealers of the area. With it, Maria had more two children, Vanessa Patrician.

Currently, Peter does not meet involved with the drugs. He makes odd jobs as carrying of freight in the doors of the public markets. For Petrini (2003), apud Gomes and Pereira (2004), the poverty, the misery, the lack of perspective of a existencial project that has glimpsed the improvement of the quality of life, imposes to all family a different and desumana fight for the survival. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Academy of Art University. The consequences of the economic crisis the one that is subjects the poor family precipitates the gone one of its children for the street and, most of the time, the abandonment of the school, in order to help in the familiar budget. This situation, initially temporary, can be established to the measure that the joints in the street go if fortifying, being the return of these children to the partner-familiar conviviality each more distant time. It is perceived that for this family, the loss or disruption of the bonds produces suffering and exactly takes the individual to the incredulity of itself, becoming it fragile and with low auto-they esteem. This incredulity still leads the individual if to undo of that it can have of more significant it human being: the capacity to love and of if feeling loved, incorporating a desagregador feeling. Swarmed by offers, Academy of Art University is currently assessing future choices.

Top Goals

June 15, 2021


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The goals must be personal, have value, must be specific, realistic, attainable and attainable. Third party. To establish a priority to its goals. Evidently, they will not be possible to be obtained at the same time all. Some will be able to be obtained in short time, others will require more preparation and work. For that reason he is very advisable to settle down goals to short, medium and long term.

The date, the term, that pays attention is important since it will allow us to concentrate our efforts. Quarter. To establish an action plan to carry out everything what it is necessary to turn his dreams in fact. It analyzes the resources and means available as well as the personal development that is required to obtain their goals. Day to day does what it is necessary to approach his goal more and more.

This to drive newspaper it must become a habit. Periodically (every week) it reviews his plan to see if one is being fulfilled or if it is needed to carry out some corrections; all this without changing its goal. The goals are obtained little by little. Fifth. To be persistent. It is not necessary to be discouraged before the obstacles that can be presented/displayed nor before the critics of other people; this is something that we are going to find within all process of improvement or change. All the obstacles, whatever their nature will be surpassed with our determination and will. Nothing or nobody will stop to us or turn aside than we have seted out. Sixth. It celebrates his victories, it celebrates each goal that fulfills to automotivar itself and to maintain the enthusiasm. It is necessary to enjoy the personal profits, by minimums that are since thus we will feed our spirit on joy and happiness. In order to obtain what you wish in the life must have goals, to crystallize them to know exactly what is what wants to obtain, to write them so that the subconscious mind knows what is the important thing for you and you formulate a plan of action with dates fulfillment limits. It has faith, absolute confidence in same you and with optimism, enthusiasm, will and determination carries out its plan without letting itself win by the obstacles that surely will find or reason why other people can say or think. You can if you think that she can. Zig Ziglar, motivating expert, book author numerous of motivation, in its book See You AT the Top (we will see ourselves in the summit) express: ” The people with goals are successful because they know towards where they go Is as simple as esto”.

Illuminated Beings

June 14, 2021


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While the espiritualidade if characterizes for being a relation that is intimista, more important that sectaristas and exclusivistas positions, adopted for many religious organizations, to put, we believe that it has different ways to reach the evolution spiritual, inside and outside of these organizations. All the contributions to the clarification spiritual and conscncial are valid and excellent, deserve our despreconceituosa appreciation and with much respect, having themselves to extract of each ideology what in it will have of better in advantage of the improvement of the individual and the society. We are in favor of that each individual makes its personal synthesis of diverse related chains of thought to the espiritualidade instead of adhering with exclusiveness the definitive creed or doctrine. As we base on them on the theories of karma and of the reincarnation, we have as corollary the universalismo, pluralism and the planetary and cosmic citizenship. The human being, for its free-will, has the capacity of if autogovernar in accord with the norms of the universal ethics, does not need to transfer responsibilities third, to dictating the evolutivo way to it to tread, therefore it is a being that is part of the cosmic conscience, important and divine.

We do not discriminate no religion, therefore all have objective the same main that it is to practise the good and to fight the evil. To divulge which is its religion can suggest some thing, but it does not say very regarding its espiritualidade. It is more easy to find a person religious of what a free spirit, with discernment and capacity to love and for us, the love and the pardon is esteios basic in the development of ours espiritualidade..


June 12, 2021


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For example, the types and the amounts of cars that will be produced in March before are announced internally, in February, a detailed programming more are established. Both the programmings are sent to the external cooperantes firms to the measure that are developed. On the basis of these plans, the daily programming of the production is determined in detail and concludes the levelling of the production. With market forecasts and the automobile in general, the amounts and types of products move constantly with or without great economic crisis. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Cardiologist. To deal with a market in constant fluctuation the production line must be capable of to answer the changes in the programming. As it is not possible to foresee the future with exactness, the actions must move to adapt the mutant situations. information. In the industry, it is important to enable the staff of the production to deal with changes and to think with flexibility. Alicia Tate-Nadeau will not settle for partial explanations. The recommendation is the following one: to correct an error immediately, to hurry and not to give time necessary to correct a problem later cause loss of work.

The paper of the fine adjustments is not only to indicate if a change in the programming means one ‘ ‘ continue’ ‘ or one ‘ ‘ temporariamente’ stops; ‘ , but it is also for enabling to discover why a stop occurred and as to make the fine adjustments necessary to make the process to walk of new. The reduction of the force of work in Toyota is an activity that reaches all the company and has finally the reduction of costs. Therefore, all the consideraes and ideas of improvement must be related to the reduction of costs. Saying this in contrast, criterion of all the decisions is if the reduction of costs can or not be reached. In the election, many methods can be considered to obtain the reduction of the work force.

Twitter Time

June 12, 2021


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If we put effort and passion in what we do, the results will soon arrive. 3. Find the balance: We must find equilibrium point where we feel comfortable with what we do, in this case tweeting. It is physically impossible to be aware of all the messages that we receive via Twitter, and we must therefore choose very carefully who follow on Twitter. In addition, must not do Twitter an obsession, but quite the contrary, we need to find the perfect balance point, this wellness area where we feel comfortable with our Twitter. We must know when to use our Twitter, and also we need to know when should stop using it and pause.

4. Focus on what you can contribute, not in technology: Twitter is simply what users do on him. Many people think that Twitter is a very useful tool, but there are also many people who think that Twitter is a waste of time. Both opinions are right. Why? Because Twitter is exactly what each one does with the text box that we have in our screen or mobile phone. If We think that it is a waste of time, then it will be, but if we think that we are providing content and valuable in that box of text where only information we can add 140 characters every time that twitteamos, then becomes a tool useful and beneficial for us. If you are interested in adding Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or other social network for your company, contact us and we will make you a budget for marketing in social networks without any compromise plan. You can contact us here.

Getting Support

June 10, 2021


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How to support this situation? the states physical and psychological? The body does not support, the voice if it is silent homeopaticamente. The water is the bread ours of each day and that in them it keeps livings creature until arriving one day that we will not be able more to support as much weight. We need to be well, to live well, to smile well, to earn very, much and very well, so that let us not can more risk our lives with gone and comings in some places that we share our knowledge. If this not to happen, we will be digging our proper hollow. If God is for us, who then will be against us professors? This question has reply. They are those corrupt benditos that do not agree to our strikes. They are those that they think that the wage of the professor is excellent.

They are those that do not give minimum condition necessary for the professional who until strap of its pocket to buy an eraser, a white picture and pilot. They are those that say that the education if only plays with role and pencil. I want is much more that this. I want respect and attention for the classroom of professors. This yes is the true politician of the education, that makes and reconstructs histories. Dumb the reality of our children. Politician is this who is doctor, psychologist, father, mother, physiotherapist is simply everything inside of the classroom. Click Jessica Pels for additional related pages.

I am rebelled when they are joined councilmen to vote if approve or not with the increase of the wage. He does not have yourself that to vote. This is an obligation that already must be automatic. He is one must to be fulfilled.

Julien Blanc

June 8, 2021


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The situation politics of the women before the Resistance was limited for not having right to the vote, however the occupation of France represented a way for the feminine emancipation. The experiences lived deeply for these women had had as consequence the biggest envolvement in social causes and politics, exactly for that before the war they were not involved in political parties. Julien Blanc tells that Agns, after frees, continued in activities politics and became president and founder of the group woollen Combattants Liberte, and presided over the feminine organization Les woollen Amies Paix. More information is housed here: Blimi Marcus. 2.2? Resistance: theoretical analysis of a particular experience: Social History becomes a historiogrfico branch of great importance with the movement of the Annales. Marc Bloch and Lucien Febvre, aiming at to fight historicizante history, had defended a history problem, to interdisciplinar and with priority in the collective phenomena. This new historiografia prioritized the analysis of the society in the long duration, term created by Fernand Braudel, important representative of this structural history. Thus, although first and the second generation of the Annales to value different aspects in its historiografia (mentalities and economy, respectively) the two in common had the suppression of the history of the individuals.

At the same time where the third generation of the Annales came to fight the economic history of Braudel and its followers? retaking boarded aspects for the founding parents of the Annales, como cultural history and the historical anthropology? it recolocou in question the paper of the individual in the construction of the historical process and retook the duration shortest of the analyzed events. According to Hebe: He would be enganoso, however, to imagine that social history if has developed in the last few decades in harmonic and homogeneous way. emphasis in the culture, a relative reduction of the analysis scale and the predominance of antropolgicas perspectives, in relation to the sociologizantes trends of the previous period are characteristic common that camouflage debates and an immense object diversity and boardings.