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EEC Consumption

July 26, 2019


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Note that the common agricultural policy (Cap) arises in the 1960s to ensure food security, so that the population of the EEC would be supplied by their own resources. Make the amount sought. At the end of the nineties his policy focuses towards the safety of food, in order to improve and guarantee the quality of these, understanding the interdependence of environment-friendly agricultural activity. It intends to create for year 2. 000 European Food Control Agency. the role of employment in the countryside is very different and the requirements for living in the villages are based on other priorities. Primary consumption, subsistence, is guaranteed by existing production in abundance, so that the excess is out of supply and demand, but such productivity is needed to cover the subsistence, so it has to be maintained.

It is possible because there is enough wealth to guarantee production and consumption even without commercial profitability. Then this primary consumption should facilitate the basic income. Other secondary loads, which are social, subjective, will be regulated by the market. If first is not guaranteed, we have the work force sees devalued, precisely because of the saturation of the market and contracts in precarious, part-time and without a stable and permanent wage project working hours will setting as a new form of slavery, which only adapting a basic income can make work a sane free of a decision to the secondary needs and which at the same time guarantee of first order, which include in addition to food, shelter, clothing and of course on the existing basis of a health and public educationwhich is a right for all and individual. We think that a widespread sense of the subjects of our society is, surrounded by material welfare, become prisoners of their work, schedule and lifestyle. To understand the possibility of what we aim you need to understand it from the situation of agriculture in the parameters of the society of economic well-being.

The Mind And The Paranormal Divination

July 23, 2019


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The word mind comes from the latin mens, mentis; and the Greek nous; It is defined as the intellectual power of the soul; will, available to one that is expressed with words or with a foreign Act; intelligence.For philosophy the mind, is the same human soul as soon as it is beginning of the Act of understanding.By what often is used as equivalent of the word understanding.Both in Aristotle, Cicero and Thomas Aquinas; the word mind serves to signify both the soul and your intellectual faculty. Research conducted by the Father Oscar Gonzalez Quevedo: from extraordinary facts ancient times caught the attention of mankind. The Persians, Hindus and others, knew and practiced divination.The verification and analysis of certain extraordinary events occupies a prominent place in modern scientific research.For centuries has been ignored by science explanation of these prodigies; as old as humanity.Whether real or imaginary, natural or attributed to superior forces, they have always attracted attention and curiosity of the man.The Babylonians, the Persians, the Etruscans practiced divination and evoked the spirits of the dead. But the historical vestiges that survive from those as old towns are very few. In the Bible there are many allusions to prodigies; for example:-the fantastic wonders performed by the magicians of Pharaoh, in fight with Moses and Aron, until those surrendered before the heads of the Jewish people, saying: the finger of God is here-the case of King Nebuchadnezzar, converted into beast; kickoff for the abundant literature on the men he was Wolf.-Jose has tormented dreams and interprets dreams, also prophetic of the Pharaoh.The condemnation of divination, spiritualism, sorcery is seen in numerous texts of the Bible; telling us that it was a very common practice.The modern school of parapsychologist Rhine used the expression: body perception; another parapsychologist called Tischner; He preferred to call it: body experience. As the word experience, it also implies a relationship with the sense; It prefers the expression body behavior; for those who are not on par with philosophical concepts. Professor Roy Taylor oftentimes addresses this issue. The terms body perception and its acronym ESP or GESP (body perception in general); they were published in the first International Symposium of parapsychology in 1953 at the University of Utrecht, Holanda.Alexi Didier known throughout Europe for his visionary potential; He commented that he could see the hidden things, as we see all things visible. It was characterized by duration and continuity in their psychics; the degree of complete almost habitualmentesus games of cards with blindfolded eyes (knowing letters yours and those of your opponent). Was named the famous magician Houdin; that intervene in the experiment to discover the alleged fraud; staying totally admired this phenomenon to which He attended of which couldn’t give any explanation through his art.Alexis Didier closed books reading, was a common experience. In the section health will find fascinating articles related with the power of the mind; so that you attract into your life whatever you propose; In addition to other quality issues. Original author and source of the article.

Asperger People

July 23, 2019


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Many times in life can present certain situations that generate certain consequences very serious people, since they cause physical as high-grade lesions that can end in serious repercussions for the normal functioning of all parts of the body, to the extent that damage is caused in the body due to situations in which the body was exposed to severe shocks that cause great painthey are helpless, and there is a way to restore the condition of the body and health that it had before the event of disastrous events. Referring to the preceding paragraph, when a person suffers a fact that has the consequences mentioned above, acquire the status of persons with disabilities, which in terms more simple means that the condition or the functions of the person are in a deteriorated state, which can be determined according to the general level of the functioning of the body under normal conditions of an individual or the normal group of people in a region. It is important at this point in the development of the topic, clarify that made havoc they are one of the points that generate the largest number of disabled people, but it is also possible that some people from birth have certain problems in the composition of your body that places them in the condition of disabled people. We should highlight that disabilities are not only physical type, since the condition of disabled persons can also give attending type cognitive or sensory disabilities. Therefore it is necessary to say the conditions that accompany each type of disabilities which gives the condition of disabled persons.

Physically disabled: the conditions of the physically disabled, presented by the presence of various causes that they alter the normal conditions of the body, between the various causes genetic and congenital factors can be found, the concurrence of accidents, suffering from a degenerative disease, such as the neuro-muscular, infections or metabolic problems, this type of disabled usually have certain problems in terms of body parts and therefore in the use of the same. Cognitive disabled: this type of disability presented a high decrease in intellectual and cognitive skills compared to other people. Autism, the Down’s syndrome, Asperger’s syndrome, are among several denominations symptoms cognitive disabled persons suffering from mental retardation, among others. This type of disabled people can present problems to develop capacities in fields such as verbal communication, mathematics, but other capabilities as the artistic are totally normal and in some cases superior to others. Sensory disabled: at this point you can locate the disabled visually impaired and hearing aids and other disabilities related to the senses, however the first 2 cases are the most common. Many writers such as Barbara Martin Coppola offer more in-depth analysis. As you can understand the disabled may have alterations in level psychological, physiological and anatomical aspects. However these conditions should not be reason to make these people move away from society and are becoming his life only in their homes, as disabilities but they limit certain activities, yet leave space to do many things and be able to participate actively in society.

Tarot Cards

July 1, 2019


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There are few tarot cards that have a meaning as deep as the ACE of cups. This letter marks the beginning of the suit of cups, dedicated to the love and feelings. When comes out the ACE of cups marking an initial breeze of affection that might be the purest love if given the time and attention required. It is the time to plant the seed, and make a bet for the future. When this deck out in Chuck speaks of a pure heart that manifests itself with a love that is not tainted by any negative as envy or jealousy emotion. A very clear concept of this deck comes from its similarity with the Holy Grail, the Cup sacred in which Jesucristo drank during the last supper. Like this humble Cup, the ACE of cups proposes a promise, a new partnership, marks the initial phase of a new love. Read more from Barbara Martin Coppola to gain a more clear picture of the situation.

But in the four suits of the tarot deck, as evidence only the first moment, where even the feeling not expressed fully. It is a possibility which is missing still be fully realized. The ACE of cups does not guarantee happiness, but they guarantee that the relationship could be very satisfactory. A good start is just that: a start. The consultant will have the opportunity to find happiness if you have the ability to develop an existing situation. Similar to the Holy Grail, the ACE of cups feeds with the sacred bread and calms the thirst with the water of life.

It is evident that very good things, as well as love emerge all the good feelings, gratitude, intuition, forgiveness, honesty, peace can flourish with these elements. Few decks of tarot are as spiritual as the ACE of cups. Here is where you must make one distinction with another of the Tarot cards: the lovers. In this latest mystery the relationship is much more carnal, more sensual. It may not be a permanent crush, but a relationship driven by attraction. On the contrary, the ACE of cups shows a base deepest, a much stronger root. And having a strong root any relationship can grow more healthily. Even without mentioning a relationship of couple, the ACE of cups can mean a new stage of growth consultant staff, much more enlightened and wise.